Japanese Artist Up-Cycles Amazon Boxes Into Impossibly Intricate Sculptures.

Japanese Artist Up-Cycles Amazon Boxes Into Impossibly Intricate Sculptures. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Monomi Ohno is a different kind of artist. While attending Osaka University of the Arts, she studied 3-D art renderings. She wanted to create some really nice stuff but realized the software that was needed was very expensive. While saving to buy the software program that she needed, Ohno came across some old Amazon boxes in her house. She decided to do a little practicing to get a head start on the software that she would soon purchase. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she didn’t need the software at all. She could create an awesome 3-D rendering of just about anything she wanted, all by herself, using just her hands. You are about to see some really awesome things she has made out of cardboard boxes.This Millennium Falcon looks just like the real thing. Hans Solo couldn’t fly this one though as it’s made out of cardboard.

When Ohno saw this one she saw a perfect rendition of a Sci Fi vehicle.

Not Ohno, when she saw this one she made this rendition of a tank out of it. Yes, she made it out of cardboard boxes.

Cats love to use boxes to hide in and grab a nap in. Ohno used some to make this life like looking town.

The things that Ohno creates are truly amazing. By using cardboard boxes she creates some amazing 3-D sculptures.

Before she knew it, she was creating pretty much anything out of an empty box. Here you can see her wearing a fake pair of sneakers that she made!

She certainly found her calling. Cheers!

She found a bunch of old Amazon boxes in her home and decided to try things out on them. It was cheaper than buying the software program, and probably more fun.

While saving for the software program and practicing on the boxes, she quickly realized that she didn’t need the program, she could do it herself.

The more she practiced, the better she got. Before she knew it she could turn out something like this great R2D2 rendering… out of a cardboard box!

I’m not really sure if there is such a thing or at least if there ever was such a thing before. Either way, Ohno is a bona-fide cardboard artist and if you doubt that, take a close look at this Star Wars fighting unit.

The empty boxes that she finds are now put to great use. If only this could be used in a store!

She can turn an ordinary, empty cardboard box into anything that her mind thinks of.

All she needs is a picture and she is good to go. Planes, rifles, tanks, robots and pipes are just a few things that she can do.

As you have already seen she can make pretty much anything. Can you imagine how much people would pay for these things? There is no word on if she sells them or what she does with them.

Ohno is seen here putting the finishing touches on a Nike sneaker. It may not be a good thing to wear on a rainy day though.

These creatures look awesome all by themselves, but can you imagine what they would look like after being done by a very good painter? Wow!

If she partnered up with a painter that had as much talent as she has for making these things, it would be a magical pairing.

Monomi Ohno found her talent quite by accident. If she can create these beautiful pieces out of cardboard boxes, imagine what you could do if you put your mind to something!

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