Japanese Men Are Falling In Love With Life-Sized Dolls.

Japanese Men Are Falling In Love With Life-Sized Dolls. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Whoever said you couldn’t fall in love with an inanimate object? We fall in love with our cars, our action figures, and even books. But could we actually develop romantic feelings? Possibly, at least if it is a life size doll that looks and feels like an actual woman. Then you might be in business. Now life with plastic might seem far fetched, but one man from Japan from happily ever after with the seemingly perfect facsimile of a woman.But while his wife was gone, he was still a man with needs that needed to be satiated. So he had a life-size doll made to meet his personal needs and taste.

She looked identical to a 15-year-old girl who lives in his neighborhood, which has been a topic of great controversy in his neighborhood, among his peers, and in Japan in general.

He claims to have experienced some unique moments that have allowed him to bond with her… it… whatever… on an emotional level and calls her the woman of his life.

It might seem like sheer fantasy that Ozaki can take his doll shopping, to a park or on a romantic date, but for him, this isn’t a fantasy. It’s real life and he is loving it.

He gets to go sightseeing with her and do many things he’d normally do with a biological woman, but without all the drama that’s common when you interact with a real-life human.

It might not be easy for the rest of us to understand, but from Ozaki’s perspective, he’s in the perfect relationship and she’s always in the mood for anything.

His devotion to her is so blind that whenever he isn’t busy working, he’ll put her on the passenger side of his car and take her for a joy ride through the town.

So when it’s time to go to sleep, Ozaki undresses her delicately and puts her down to sleep next to him in bed where we’re sure he gets to have sweet dreams by her side.

But since he saw the doll, which he calls Mayu, in the showroom, he claims it was love at first sight. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to worry about giving her money if they ever divorce.

He has a total of three dolls in his bedroom for companionship, or maybe he’s just scared of the dark. Whatever his reasons for so many dolls, we’re sure he’s satisfied.

The craftsman there have been very busy keeping up with the demands of their customers. In fact, as many as 2,000 dolls are sold every year in Japan alone.

Dolls like Mayu have detachable heads, interchangeable wigs, adjustable fingers, and they even have realistic looking and feeling naughty bits down there just like a real girl.

He fell in love with a doll named Saori, whom he takes out on picnics under cherry blossom trees in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan every so often, and he loves her too.

His wife must have been the most understanding woman ever, because instead of taking her out to the beach or to a nice hotel room, Senji takes Saori instead.

Because his job kept him apart from his wife, he grew lonely, which lead him to buy Saori, whom he gets ready by brushing her wig after helping her into her bikini.

But in this instance, it’s Senji who looks after Saori by taking her everywhere, including shopping. In exchange, she gets to scratch his proverbial itch and fulfill his fantasies.

Although the attraction was originally just physical, Senji developed strong feelings for Saori in less than no time. Now he considers herself as much a woman as his wife.

But little by little he started spending more time with her and even claims that the doll has developed a personality, which helps the two grow even closer.

He also takes her skiing on a regular basis too. When you think about it, she really is the ultimate companion for him and she’s certainly not complaining about it either.

So now, Senji and Saori live happily ever after in a cramped apartment because he was simply unwilling to part with her, not even for the sake of his marriage.

At the very least, he’ll never have to worry about Saori cheating on him, or her heart becoming cold as ice because she doesn’t have a heart to begin with.

But clearly, Senji isn’t about to go back to dating humans any time soon and he doesn’t care what people think of him. He enjoys his time with Saori and that’s all that matters.

He actually dresses his ten life sized dolls in uniforms so he can act out a military-themed fantasy of his, which we’ll leave to your imagination, and his to figure out.

Sure, he could own a Lamborghini or travel around the world, but he’d much rather have an understanding girlfriend at his side who clings to every word.

He also gets to pick what she wears in bed, but ultimately, she is the last thing he sees and thinks about when he goes to sleep and the first thing he sees in the morning, and he’s happy.

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