15 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit To Japan.

15 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit To Japan. May 9, 2020

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit around the world and Japan just so happens to be one of them. There are just so many wondrous things in this country that are so unlike anything you’ve ever seen. But if you can’t afford to book a trip to Japan, don’t worry. These photos will bring Japan to you as you bask in the landscapes, architecture and so much more. With all this diversity and beauty, you might feel tempted to start saving some cash so you can travel to this majestic land in the East.This photo of Mt. Fuji, which is an active volcano, was snapped through gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

Who would want to turn their back on such a beautiful paradise? It’s a great place to de-stress.

Every district has their own design and this one is located near the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

It’s like a cross between Times Square and anime heaven, and you can only find it in Japan.

The displays are virtually an art form and the best thing is that what you order looks just like what you see.

You could spend minutes if not hours waiting for hordes of people to thin out so you can get a clear shot.

It’s like a painting, but those are in fact buildings as the sun sets over Mt. Fuji in the distant horizon.

Imagine walking down this street during sunrise and sunset. It’s rare to get a photo with no people.

It has a wide array of modern architecture, street food, and historical districts like this one.

There are traditional buildings all around you, women in kimonos, and beauty everywhere.

The shrine sits on the base of the Inari Mountain and you’ll find a bunch of hidden corners like this.

There are plum blossom trees near the castle too, which make this shot even more magical.

It almost looks like a still from a movie like “Blade Runner,” but was taken near the Dotonbori area.

This took place in Meiji Jingu. The Meiji Shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo, honors Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

This photo was taken from the Atago Shrine looking out towards Momochi and the Fukuoka Tower.