Bride Asks Guests To Wear Their Old Bridal Gowns For Unique Wedding.

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You've probably seen this blushing bride from the hit TV series "Better Call Saul," but this story isn't about her acting skills.

The day a person gets married is supposed to be one of the best days of their life. You walk down the aisle, surrounded by your closest friends and family, and commit yourself to the love of your life. It seems like the day of the wedding is gone in the blink of an eye, but people spend months (and sometimes years) planning for the big event. This couple wanted a unique, memorable wedding, and that's exactly what they got.In December of 2018, Audrey Moore finally tied the knot with her long-time fella, writer/director Jesse Lumen. And just like their careers, they're wedding was anything but ordinary.
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The one thing that Audrey knew that she wanted was a wedding that stood out, so she began to think of ways to make that happen.

"I'm the last of my friends to be married and I went to most of their weddings. They're all such beautiful women inside and out and I had heard so often that they were really sad they couldn’t wear their wedding dress again. So then I decided I really wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of my beautiful princess brides and have a magical, fun day together," explained Audrey in an interview with TODAY Style.
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The bride is supposed to be the center of attention, so how was Audrey going to be able to compete with all of the other blushing brides at the wedding?

"As an actress, I am accustomed to high-pressure days where you have to get dressed for events and you've dreamed of this day your whole life. So for my wedding, I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to have my one day be so 'spot on,' because I knew I would wear a gown again. I felt a lot of heart and care for my friends who deserved the chance to wear their wedding dress again," she explained.
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Now that she knew what her bridesmaids were going to wear, Audrey needed to pick something out for herself.

"I had no idea what I wanted to wear on my wedding day, but I often work with a seamstress for a lot of my event clothing, so I was excited to collaborate with someone who knew my body type and could take into consideration how I move and dance. I was up for anything: polka dots, prints, red, black, brown," said Audrey. Luckily, Audrey stumbled across some icy blue lace and she was instantly inspired.
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After discussing the idea with her seamstress, they began the process of turning her vision into a reality.

Meanwhile, it was time for Jesse to figure out what he was going to wear. "I met him in a white hoodie and I somehow always pictured him in a white hoodie when we got married. In fact, my favorite thing for him to wear is a hoodie. So when we discovered that they made tux-print hoodies in white, it seemed perfect," said Audrey.
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The happy couple spent months trying to make their wedding as nontraditional as possible.

Even the mothers of the bride and groom played a different role in the wedding as the flower girls. They weren't too keen on the idea at first, but eventually, they came around. “Once I got over they the unconventional aspect, I had a lot of fun. It surpassed my own wedding as the best wedding ever!” said Sylvia Stearnes, Audrey's mother.
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Once the happy couple said "I Do," the wedding took a quick turn.

Following the ceremony, all of the guests changed into costumes and the food was brought out. Not only did they have a snack bar (thanks to their shared love of movies) but they also had a fry bar and 18 different wedding cakes prepared by the guests! "Normally at rehearsal dinners you just sit there awkwardly, so we wanted something more active and engaging that would blend the two families together. Also, my mom is a master cake decorator! This activity allowed both sides to get a sense of each other’s personalities and mingle and talk about something interesting and fun," Audrey said.
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After an award's ceremony, which included awards for Best Dog Not in Attendance and Best Great-Grandfather, it was time for the fun to begin.

While they were dressed up in their costumes, guests were encouraged to play games! The happy couple brought in some old school Pac-Man, The Simpsons, and even Skeeball!
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It's really no surprise that everyone has smiles on their faces in the pictures.

Who doesn't want to go to a wedding where there are costumes, snack bars, and video games? It seems like this couple really knows how to have a good time.
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But they couldn't have done it without the support they received from their friends.

"We’re lucky to have an incredible group of creative friends who helped us put this whole thing together, including all of my groomsmen who showed up at the crack of dawn to help me design and construct a ceremony that would be fitting for a dozen brides. It’s hard to stand out when everyone is wearing a wedding dress, but when I saw Audrey’s dress I was blown away. I can’t wait for her to find an occasion to wear it again, and I hope this inspires other brides to do the same!” said Jesse.
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Even though it was her wedding day, Audrey wanted to share the love and attention with all of her friends and family!

"All of the women that wore their past wedding dresses are still married. We even did a slideshow of everyone's wedding pictures for guests to see when they entered the ceremony area. At the end of the day, we really just wanted the wedding to celebrate marriage as a whole," she explained.
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