Jimmy Fallon’s Favorite ‘Why I’m Single’ Tweets Are Hysterically Funny.

Jimmy Fallon’s Favorite ‘Why I’m Single’ Tweets Are Hysterically Funny. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Marriage was once considered a societal norm and it remains to be so in some cultures even now. If you weren’t married or on the way to becoming betrothed then you were considered a loner or spinster. In many cultures, it could hurt your family’s status and finances. Still, I could never understand why single people today are looked upon with sorry eyes, especially when the tables have turned. According to a study by CityLab and the Martin Prosperity Institute, over half of all Americans are single today. Why is that? Well, some folks are happily single. Another reason is that they are looking for their soul mate and do not want to compromise, NYU sociology professor Eric Klinenberg told PRI. He also mentions a “paradox-of-choice” problem in which we have so many different options that it becomes difficult for us to settle on just one. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the reasons for being single are not so clearcut. Let’s continue exploring them, shall we? A few years ago, Jimmy Fallon began sharing some of his favorite #WhyImSingle tweets on *The Tonight Show*. Here’s one to start with. Twitter user derpin_irwin wrote, “When I had a boyfriend, I brought him over to meet my parents and my dad pretended to rob us to see if he would protect me.” Ready for more? Continue reading and get ready to laugh at how painfully relatable some of these are.

Sometimes I walk by a tall muscly person and say out loud “our children could be Spartans” #whyimsingle — Ty (@tsgshorn) October 25, 2016

I break into song of Uptown Funk almost every 5 minutes& try to include it in every conversation. Dont believe me? Just watch. #whyimsingle — kim (@keemsr) February 11, 2015

Guy: Any plans for the weekend??? Me: Work. #WhyImSingle — Michelle Dy (@michelle_dy) October 28, 2016

him: your single? why? me: you’re* — Dani Fernandez (@msdanifernandez) May 3, 2015

Reciting the lines to the Harry Potter movies..while watching them. Sometimes randomly while driving.. #whyimsingle — I’m Crystal (@aureliacrystal) November 2, 2016

My stepdad tells every guy I bring home, “whatever you do to my daughter, I’ll do to you” #WhyImSingle — lise (@lisefranz) February 12, 2015

One time I told a girl she was beautiful, and after she responded with thank you, I said, “ya I’ve been watching you a lot.” #WhyImSingle — Ring By Spring (@ringbyspringlu) February 11, 2015

Last time I walked into a supermarket I opened the automatic sliding doors Jedi-like while the Imperial March was playing. #WHYIMSINGLE — ann-chris (@Annchris91) February 11, 2015

*Casually on Tinder* He’s attractive… *Squints eyes* TOO attractive.. I DONT TRUST YOU. *Swipes* -Reasons why I’m single- — Jessica (@Sitatuen) May 4, 2016

I refuse to give up my side of the bed. Which is both sides, because I sleep like a fucking star fish. #WhyImSingle — page (@PaigeSorenson) February 11, 2015

Hot guy- “Wow I love your glasses.” Me- “Uh thanks my glasses like you too!”#howiflirt #fail #whyimsingle — Kate Sundbye (@KateSunshine) October 16, 2016

Him: calls Me: forwards call Me: texts “So sorry I’m busy :(” Me: snuggles in bed and turns Netflix back on#WhyImSingle — I’M STILL BIG RED (@MorgBGreat) October 18, 2016

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