John McCain’s Daughter Has Nothing Nice To Say About President Trump.

John McCain’s Daughter Has Nothing Nice To Say About President Trump. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

As she lashed out on Twitter on Saturday, John McCain’s daughter is carrying her father’s legacy with her in a feud with Donald Trump. And she sure isn’t using any kind of restraint when it comes to her feelings, either.

Co-host of The View, Meghan McCain is a proudly well-known critic of President Donald Trump. On Saturday, Meghan had a problem with one his afternoon tweets, which took aim at Meghan’s father, the former congressman of Arizona, John McCain.

According to Ken Starr, the independent counsel who was in charge of investigating former President Bill Clinton, President Trump stated that the distribution of Christopher Steele’s notorious dossier “is, unfortunately, a very dark stain against John McCain.”

Understandably, Meghan didn’t take too kindly to President Trump’s comment. And McCain’s daughter had something to say to President Trump in return.

In a Twitter post, Meghan wrote: “No one will ever love you the way they loved my father…. I wish I had been given more Saturday’s with him.”

Before McCain passed away on August 25, 2018, due to complications with a glioblastoma brain tumor, he was what many would call a thorn in the president’s side. This was mainly because of McCain’s blatant rejection of the Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Obama administrations Affordable Care Act.

In July of 2015, Donald Trump stirred things up with John McCain by debating whether or not McCain was a true war hero. His statement towards McCain, “I like people who weren’t captured,” was not well-received by very many people.

While Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, McCain gave him credit, but that changed when the discovery of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape convinced McCain to change his opinion of Donald Trump.

Ever since June 29, 2017, Meghan McCain has shown her exhaustion with the president. Like so many other people in the public eye, she has often shown her discontent with the commander in chief on the social media platform Twitter.

The most recent comments made by Meghan towards the president were made prior to his State of the Union speech on February 5th. In a tweet, Meghan wrote: “The greatness of my father’s life and legacy haunts you.”

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