Tragically Funny 4th July Fails That Won’t Be Inspiring Anyone.

Tragically Funny 4th July Fails That Won’t Be Inspiring Anyone. July 3, 2019

Tomorrow people across the nation will be celebrating America’s independence in unison. People will gather together to cook delicious barbecue food and watch colorful fireworks during nightfall. And although you may think there is no wrong way to celebrate a day like July Fourth, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. From baking disasters to largely printed grammatical errors to terrible outfit decisions — we have a whole list of all the things you shouldn’t do on July Fourth.You see those perfectly placed white specks on the blue part of his mustache? That’s not easy work.

What in the world is “U2O” supposed to mean?

This cake would have been decent if the person in charge of the icing used spellcheck first.

After all, what describes America more than the flag and burgers?

Technically speaking, you COULD say it’s Independent’s Day since America is independent?

Does it mean peace? Peace in America? Or does it stand for Dr. Seuss? Can someone please elaborate.

But the cake on the right? Forget trying to copy the left cake. The cake on the right doesn’t even reach average cake standards!

This is just one big no. How would you feel if your cat forced you to paint your body in red, blue and white?

Aren’t the fireworks supposed to be a littler higher in the sky? Is this why fireworks are illegal to the general public in so many states?

Than with a flag that was made on the other side of the world.

His fashion choices are a little outdated but at least he’s trying.

But hey, it’s a free country. So who are we to judge? Right? Right??

But for some reason her thighs don’t match her knees.

What is this even supposed to be? Marshmallows covered in sprinkles and some type of frosting? Do people actually enjoy consuming this?

That’s what he’s trying to go for, right? It has to be.

That must have left a wild sun tan on his body.

Don’t recall anywhere in the comics or movies of him riding a horse though.

So what’s the point of this sticker again?

How did they mess up on applying the whip cream? They could have at least done that much.

What an upstanding citizen. We should all follow his lead.

But he may be a little too proud of those America-themed jean shorts.

But don’t think that name is appropriate for such a product (or any product for that matter).

This person somehow managed to make it look creepy and eerie.

We all know that deep down inside, they hate wearing all those accessories.

The flag is one thing, but what’s with all the green? Is it supposed to represent land?

This person was definitely better off paying a little extra to visit a salon.