Interesting Facts About Keanu Reeves That’ll Make You Swoon.

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Keanu Reeves almost chose a stage name that might not have fit the actor’s face or personality.

Keanu Reeves may have wowed us on films like “The Matrix” trilogy or “Sweet November.” But some fans are slowly starting to realize that the actor himself may pretty much be one of the best human beings around. He’s rich. He’s handsome. But he’s also kind, generous and humbled, too. But there are a couple of things about the actor that most people know nothing about. So, here are a few fun facts that are bound to make you fall in love with the actor all over again.How does Chuck Spadina sound? That’s one of the names that Keanu’s agent recommended. But did you know that Keanu was attained from his great-great-uncle's name Keaweaheulu, which means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian?

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Keanu’s DNA is world renowned as he has not one or two ancestries, but five in total.

His mom, Patricia Taylor, is from Essex, England and his dad, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., is from Hawaii. But his ancestry includes English, Irish, Native Hawaiian, Portuguese and Chinese. So that’s the recipe to make a perfect Keanu.

Y! Música / CC BY 2.0

Keanu was moonlighting as a musician way back in the 1990s, but was forced to make a choice.

Both he and Robert Mailhouse became the founders of a band called “Dogstar” and Keanu himself was a back-up vocalist for the alternative rock band. But in the early 2000s, he had to leave his music career behind to concentrate on his acting.


He dabbled in music, and fans already know that he’s an amazing actor, but he’s also a writer.

With the help of artist Alexandra Grant, Keanu was able to publish a poetry book named “Ode to Happiness.” Every page has a line of one of Keanu’s poems with one of Grant’s blotted ink drawings.

Governo do Estado de São Paulo / CC BY 2.0

Keanu is like a Jack of all trades who has pretty much dabbled in everything including hockey.

As a teen, Keanu loved playing hockey. He was also a pretty decent goalie and wanted nothing more than to play at the Canadian National Hockey team at the Olympics. But by the time he was 15, he left hockey behind when he realized he was destined for bigger things.

keanu doing things @keanuthings / Twitter

Most people know that Sandra Bullock admitted she had a crush on Keanu while filming “Speed.”

She confessed it during an interview on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. But when Keanu was asked on the same show if he knew about how she felt. He admitted he had a crush on her too. So clearly, these two had some serious chemistry on set.

Speed / 20th Century Fox

The “Speed” movie director Jan de Bont didn’t like Keanu’s long hair so the actor made a drastic change.

The director felt Keanu looked like a hippie, so the actor became a badass rebel and shaved his head, but this caused everyone around him to be scared of him. They were also forced to wait until his hair grew back to film the movie.

Speed / 20th Century Fox

And if you thought that his resume was already impressive enough, wait until you hear what else he did.

It turns out that he’s not just a Hollywood actor, but also a director. The film named “Man of Tai Chi” was Keanu’s directorial debut. The film’s plot is based on the life of Tiger Chen, a stuntman, who also happens to be Keanu’s friend.

Man of Tai Chi

Not only is Keanu a talented actor, but he’s very generous with the people he works with, too.

He gave $75 million to the costume design and special effects teams from “The Matrix.” And if that wasn’t enough to make you wish you worked for him, he also bought the film’s stunt team Harley Davidson motorcycles. Far out!

Siebbi / CC BY 3.0

He has also perfected the art of hover hands in order to respect the women he takes selfies with.

Hover hand is a gesture where someone awkwardly pretends to put his arms around a woman, but doesn’t actually touch them. His hands just hover over them like Keanu’s hands are doing on the back of this women.


In fact, you could say that he has completely mastered this whole not touching women thing.

While taking a few selfies with Dolly Parton, Keanu managed to look cute alongside the country singer and actress without actually laying a hand on her. But we’re sure she wouldn’t have minded a hug from one of Hollywood’s most adorable actors.

@dollyparton / Instagram

Keanu might be a member of Hollywood’s elite class, but he is still human and he needs to be loved.

During an interview with People, Keanu admitted: “I’m trying not to be alone so much. And man, it’s a struggle. I want to get married. I want to have kids. That’s at the top of the mountain. I’ve got to climb the mountain first. I’ll do it. Just give me some time.”

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