KFC Customer Got The SHOCK Of His Life When He Found THIS Inside His Chicken.

KFC Customer Got The SHOCK Of His Life When He Found THIS Inside His Chicken. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

One man in Thailand did not feel his food was worthy of being finger licking good. In fact, his meal could have turned into a very dangerous situation. The customer went to KFC in the Central World Shopping plaza in Bangkok and ordered a spicy chicken salad with rice. While chewing his food he felt something in his mouth. When the man pulled out the object, he was shocked to discover a metal stick, about the length of his middle finger. He quickly snapped a photo of the metal part and posted it on KFC Thailand’s Facebook page. The company promptly responded taking responsibility of the situation admitting it was probably a bar that was part of the fryer. The consumer was left shaken and scared that this could have turned out worse if this had happened to a child. Here are other things KFC eaters have found in their meals.Luckily, a man pulled an item out of the food he was eating. He was not harmed and had not bitten hard enough to hurt himself.

The man was left wondering, “what if this had happened to a child? It is dangerous.”

“I want everybody to be vigilant for these strange objects in their food, especially those who are responsible for inspecting it before selling it to consumers,” explains the angry diner.

The company gave their explanation of the loose bar possibly coming from a fryer. KFC said they took action right away. “The Central World branch has obtained a new set of kitchen equipment, and we have also instructed all of our stores to check their equipment in order to prevent this incident from happening again,” KFC responded on their page.

Marc Nicholls lost his appetite after biting into a lung or kidney. He was not given his money back when he complained to the manager. Instead, the staff suggested he contact customer service.

Devorise Dixon said he bit into his chicken piece and felt it hard and rubbery. He noticed the unusual shape of the chicken but got scared when he saw what looks to be a tail. KFC in the US says they have investigated the case and found no case of rat or rodent present.

If something looks suspicious, make sure you notify the right parties right away. Sometimes it’s a lot more safer to just cook at home.

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