Deadly Doberman Grabbed A Baby Girl, The Reason Why Saved Her Life.

Deadly Doberman Grabbed A Baby Girl, The Reason Why Saved Her Life. November 26, 2018

Your dog loves you more than he loves himself. They are kind, selfless, and would do anything to make their human smile. All canines want in return are cuddles, a game of throw, and attention. Some canines may look big and scary but they love to shower their humans with affection. A dog’s complete and total devotion are on full-display during dangerous and uncertain situations.This is a story of a courageous dog that put his life at stake for a 17-month-old. A family in Adelaide, Australia, is thankful for their family Doberman, Khan. Khan saved their daughter from a venomous snake. Had he not intervened, she would not have survived.

Her mother Catherine was relaxing and keeping an eye on them. Without a worry in the world, Khan and Charlotte were busy enjoying their time together as they did every single day. Khan, like any other loved pet, followed the baby everywhere and shared a very strong bond with the little one since she was born.

Catherine noticed Khan was being a little aggressive and acting extremely strange around Charlotte. He kept jumping around her. He was trying to nudge her but since it wasn’t working he grabbed her by the back of her nappy and threw her about a metre away. Catherine was horrified by what she saw and couldn’t understand what was going on.

Immediately after he threw her, Khan started barking and that’s when Catherine realised that something was wrong. Khan had just saved her daughter’s life. He was trying to save her daughter from a snake and in the process, the brave dog got bit. He stood strong and saved Charlotte.

The canine was taken to a vet right away and was given a shot of anti-venom. Charlotte and her family were keen on taking this brave guy home but he had to stay the night at the vet’s office.

This heart-touching story is a testimony to a dog’s loyalty. They would go to any extent to ensure their family’s safety without once thinking about their own well-being.