Mother Kicks Baby On The Ground Because She Won’t Stop Crying.

Mother Kicks Baby On The Ground Because She Won’t Stop Crying. March 7, 2019

We’re used to seeing cruel things happen in the world, with violence and abusive behaviors being on a rise. We’ve seen thousands of domestic abuse campaigns that seek to educate us as a society, to help us be wary of the signs so that we can take action. But what happens when you’re faced with a shocking situation that calls for someone to intervene? Someone to do “the right thing”? A video of a horrendous attack on a toddler was recently shared online, with almost 8 million people watching it. The disgusting act was performed by none other than the toddler’s mother, who apparently, was kicking the child to get her to stop crying.A video recently surfaced of a cruel mother kicking her baby daughter while she lies on the ground. Her motive? The child wouldn’t stop crying.

The footage was captured in the Guangdong province of southeast China around 3pm on February 24. In it, you can see 27-year old mother known as “Chen” losing her grip and pushing and kicking her infant daughter who’s lying on the ground, defenseless.

But if you thought the ruthless act cost this mom some jail time, you couldn’t be more wrong. The police investigated the case and ended up finding Chen to only give her a verbal warning.

She claims she regrets her actions, and after cooling down, she admits that she lashed out at the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying. According to Chen, the situation escalated to a point where she now feels sorry for what she’s done.

The baby, who’s wearing a red beanie hat and a thick winter coat is still crying, unable to express herself due to her young age.

Many were left wondering if he should’ve intervened and if he should’ve phoned the police himself.

The cruel mother kicks the baby, and harshly lifts her almost-lifeless body in the air, and forces her to sit down on the sidewalk, while still holding on to her tiny little arm.

She is now under the care of her grandparents. Anyone who watches that clip will be hoping child protective services pays this family a visit.

Luckily, the baby wasn’t injured, but many do wonder if the child should remain under this woman’s care. A quick glance at the comment section on YouTube will leave you wondering why is it that when horrible acts like these happen, no one ever intervenes in real life, but every commenter online claims they would’ve helped, or would’ve subdued the attacker? Sometimes meddling in is the only way to go.