Kidnapper Steals A Baby Boy, But LOOK What His Sister Does To Save Him.

Kidnapper Steals A Baby Boy, But LOOK What His Sister Does To Save Him. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Siblings may bicker and fight but there is no doubt they love each other. You can fight with each other but no one else can say or do anything against your brother or sister. That’s why when a kid is getting picked on at school, it’s usually the sibling who comes to his or her rescue. That bond begins early on in life and lasts a lifetime. Kids might not say how much they love each other but the feeling is always there. It is not very often that a brother or sister have to prove that they would go to the ends of the earth for one another. It’s assumed your kins have your back 100 per cent of the time. Still, some kids and adult know better than to pick on a particular child for fear of what their siblings will do.Owen was playing in the park with his siblings; 10-year-old Brenden, and 8-year-old Delicia.

Owen was grabbed and picked up by a male.

Brenden and Delicia began to yell trying to get someone’s attention.

Their father Michael Wright was at work, oblivious to what was happening with his kids.

He was slower because he was pushing his brother’s stroller.

The man left Owen in a vacant lot and ran off.

He was charged with second degree kidnapping and booked into a juvenile facility

Deputies in Sprague, Washington say the brother and sister did exactly what they were supposed to do in a situation like this; make lots of noise to alert others.

->**Meet Owen’s personal superheroes.**<-

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