22 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Kids. #8 Will Change Movie Nights Forever

22 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Kids. #8 Will Change Movie Nights Forever May 24, 2017

As the weather gets warmer and the end-of-school is nears, parents everywhere are trying to come up with activities that will be fun and affordable for the kids to be kept busy. Here are some awesome DIY for all ages.Cut the bottom of a water bottle. Duct tape a sock on the cut out of the bottle. Pour dish soap, food coloring and water. Blow to create the bubble snake.

Cut large flower shapes in card stock paper and punch a hole in the middle. Cut straws in 1 inch pieces. Cut yarn in desired length. String the flower and straw and tie when completed.

Buy a couple of squeeze bottles as the more the merrier. Pour Kool Aid packets and water together. Next add cornstarch and mix. Now enjoy your newly designed sidewalk.

Take an old box that is still sturdy. Cut the top part of the box where the cut out of the guitar shape will be taped on. Use a paper gift tube and insert it on top of the main box. Use loop rubber bands as the strings

Cut an egg carton in to sections. Paint them in blue and let it dry. With an x-facto knife cut an x at the top. Place blue pipe cleaners in the x. Cut the whale tail and fins from blue card stock paper. Glue them to the egg carton. To complete your whale, glue googly eyes and draw a happy smile.

While you plant your vegetables, get the kids to paint the rocks in the garden. Not only is it a fun decoration but also works as plant markers. Wash medium size rocks thoroughly. Use tempera paints and let it dry. Apply a couple coats of outdoor polyurethane varnish.

There are only so many necklaces one can make. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. Arrange your beads to the design you want on top of a cookie sheet. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the designs to melt. Let it cool. Hot glue the hair pin or earring backings.

Use a carboard box large enough to fit your kid. Purchase a couple colors of printed duct tape for borders. Paper plates are used as wheels.

Take out the old LEGO box out. Find the flat bricks and drill a hole on both ends. Use embroidery thread in a few different colors to put all of the colors together and fold them in half. Thread the loop through one of the holes and braid it. Follow the same process on the other end. Tie together based on wrist size.

Use a mason jar and label it. Ge the kids in on ideas of things to do when boredom strikes. The kids can pull an activity anytime they run out of things to do.

This is a fun craft idea that the kids will actually use when the temperature rises. Pre-cut circles on card stock paper. Use Mod Podge to glue two sides and place craft stick in the middle. Once it dries, it is ready to fan.

Add to the pretend games by making dinosaur hats. Cut green cardboard paper in to strips. Glue two to create a headband. Take another two sheets for the crown of the headband where spike cut outs will be glued on.

Cut roll papers to fit your kids’ wrists. Apply duct tape in different designs which can be found at any craft store. Cut it in half and it becomes a cool cuff.

This is an easy and fun way to update your kids’ rooms. You can design the look in advance or let them help you. Use washi tape in different colors and designs. The tape can be found at your local craft store.

Take a blank canvas and paint a tree in basic brown. Use tacky glue to apply the buttons on. Use different colors and sizes.

Fill water squirt guns with liquid water colors. Place watercolor paper outside and the kids will take it from there.

Trace and cut the mask based on size of child’s face in felt fabric. Cut out the shape and holes for eyes. Attach elastic on both sides to hold the mask on.

Mirror paper is glued and wrapped around two water bottles. Place a long line of duct tape and tape red, orange and yellow crepe paper on the edge. On the other side wrap it around the bottom of the bottles. Tape the two tubes together while also attaching straps.

The quirkier the buttons, the better. Hot glue the paper clip to the back of your button. Cut a small piece of felt fabric to go on top.

Use terra cotta pots and have the kids pour acrylic paint in various colors. Let them dry.

Purchase foam material. Cut a circle about 8” in diameter. Cut a star larger than the circle and glue it on the circle. Apply a felt initial or sign on top of the star. To hold the shield, cut a piece of felt that is long enough to go around your child’s wrist.

Keep all those popsicle sticks. Wash them and paint them with washable paint. Spread glue and sprinkle the glitter on top. Next, create a square with four sticks glueing them on the ends. Repeat with a smaller square. Add your favorite jewels for extra bling.