A Photographer And Some Police Officers Helped Children Live Their Dreams.

A Photographer And Some Police Officers Helped Children Live Their Dreams. November 22, 2019

Photographer Carrie Lewis of Glass Crown Photography knows what children with special needs go through. These kids often face physical, mental, and emotional challenges in a world that’s not always open-minded or kind-hearted. In fact, according to Lewis, some photographers don’t shoot special needs kids. It was a shocking truth that she learned when she reached out to her community to see if any parents wanted to make their special needs children’s dreams come true. Fortunately, with the help of some kind-hearted cops, Lewis managed to bring three kids a whole lot closer to their dreams last Halloween.This past Halloween, Carrie Lewis decided to make the lives of three special needs kids better by turning their dreams into a reality. Not only did she get the kids to dress up like cops, but she got a few real-life cops to join in on the fun.

What she didn’t expect was getting almost 100 families to respond to her request. Unfortunately, she could only help three kids, but she’s hoping that her project will open other photographer’s hearts to bring a smile to kids like this one.

Not only did the cops close off an entire alleyway, but they brought for police cruisers, turn the sirens on, and showed three kids what being a cop was all about. The chance to bond with the men in blue made these kids so very happy.

One kid was looking really cool holding handcuffs. Can you tell just how excited and into it this kid is? Giving them this opportunity was something that was very dear to Carrie because her son also has special needs.

They have dreams that they hope can be turned into reality someday. Thankfully Carrie’s project has brought them that much closer to their goals. And you’ve got the proof in each of their wide smiles too.

They also wrote that “We were honored to help these kids have a day that they will remember forever!” With all the crime that goes on in the city, it’s refreshing to see such a pleasant display of human kindness.

It really wasn’t difficult to make a difference in the lives of these kids. All Carrie had to do was appeal to the one dream they wanted above all else, which was to patrol the streets and keep the city safe, even if it was just for pretend.

They officers participated in a photoshoot with 13-year-old Zane, who has Down Syndrome, 7-year-old Elliott, who has bilateral clubfoot, a coloboma in his left eye, and 4 dead spots in his brain, and cerebral palsy, and 11-year-old Owen, who has Angelman Syndrome.

For Zane, Elliot, and Owen, this experience meant the world to them and thanks to her Glass Crown Photography page on Facebook, others can see how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of these children.