25 Funny Photos That Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Anywhere… Literally.

25 Funny Photos That Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Anywhere… Literally. August 21, 2018

If you remember life as a kid, you’ll remember that naps were necessary sporadically throughout the day. Living a kid’s life is exhausting as all you do is exert energy. Because of this, kids can literally sleep anywhere. When we say anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE. To us, the only conventional place to take a nap is a bed or at least somewhere we can comfortably pose our body. Kids, however, aren’t as picky with their beds. They can fall asleep in a shopping cart, on top of a dog, or even in a laundry basket and still be comfortable. It’s magnificent really how easily they can fall asleep wherever and whenever they please. Whether you’re a parent or not, these photos are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.I hope she’s ok and not hurt.

You can catch him in a yoga pose 24/7.

I understand this little girl’s struggle.

It’s actually quite relaxing, you should try it sometime.

If only I was able to sleep just like this kid.

It did the job for her.

The best place and way to nap if you don’t want to be bothered.

And you can’t help but to nap immediately after.

She’s going to be a olympic gymnast one day.

She’s even got a blanket to keep her comfy.

He must of had a long day.

Conscious or unconscious, he’s ready for his close up.

What a clever recreation.

Don’t put your kid through it if they can’t handle it.

And it just overwhelms you before you can get anywhere near a bed.

How could you nap in front of the President?!

All babies who have a dog in their household should take advantage of this sleeping opportunity.

Very genius indeed, I wonder if it was the kid or parent’s idea.

The bed’s already there, why not take advantage of it?

No matter where you are.

This is where kids develop their “sleeping over the desk” form.

This kid obviously has her street creds.

He could quite possibly be immortal.

Why sleep on a comfortable bed when you can sleep on a slightly less comfortable hammock?

The toilet is definitely one of them.