Kim Zolciak Bids ‘Goodbye’ After Her NFL Hubby Kroy Is Traded To The Buffalo Bills.

Kim Zolciak Bids ‘Goodbye’ After Her NFL Hubby Kroy Is Traded To The Buffalo Bills. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If the name Kim Zolciak-Biermann sounds familiar, it’s because a handful of years ago, you watched her very carefully on television. You watched as she got wild with her friends, kept tabs on mysterious lover (known as “Big Poppa”), and went on to try out a career in music — all within the confines of Bravo’s southern incarnation of it’s most successful show, *The Real Housewives of Atlanta.* And even though she was wildly entertaining on the show, she’s also done plenty of interesting things since then. She left *The Real Housewives of Atlanta* in 2012, a move that led to her own spin-off show, *Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding,* which documented her wedding preparation with NFL player Kroy Biermann. After than, she was on *Dancing With the Stars* — but she’s also gone on to have a normal and blissfully domestic life. Unfortunately, the reality of being a football wife recently hit her: Kroy Biermann had to leave town to go train for his team. It’s was a tough day for Zolciak-Biermann and company, but she alleviated the pain a bit by making a touching post on social media. Read it for yourself below.She shared her feelings on Instagram, documenting the sorrow and difficulty she felt after her NFL player husband Kroy Biermann signed with the Buffalo Bills.

Meanwhile, Zolciak and the kids will remain in Georgia.

The deal came on the same day as their son Kash’s 4th birthday and his first day starting preschool, as well as 5-year-old son KJ’s first day starting kindergarten.

No matter what the situation, it’s difficult for dads to be separated from their families.

“This has been one of the hardest days ever for me. Kash turning 4 and starting Pre-K, KJ starting kindergarten and my best friend, my everything left this morning to play for @buffalobills.”

“Although Kroy is so excited as I am (my parents grew up there, half my family still lives there) never mind the fact the fans are AWESOME, the team is AWESOME and my hubby is ecstatic … It was hard to say good bye! Im so thankful for @briellebiermann taking Kroy so early this morning, @cheftraceybloom coming to the rescue to be here for me, @nikitpressley texts and ALL of you who have welcomed my husband with open arms! THANK YOU. #HeIsMyCalm #HeIsMyStrength #HeIsEveryThingAManHusband&FatherShouldBe.”

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