Homeless Man Saves Abandoned Pup, Gets Unexpected Surprise.

Homeless Man Saves Abandoned Pup, Gets Unexpected Surprise. April 6, 2020

It’s usually difficult for most of us to understand what it’s like to live out on the streets when the world has seemingly turned its back on you. No one understands that better than a homeless man named Ron from Salt Lake City, Utah. It can get pretty chilly in the winter, and most homeless folks don’t have adequate clothing or blankets to keep them warm, but Ron Howell did. But do you think he used it to cover himself with it? No, absolutely not. Ron might not have had much, but he had someone he knew he had to take care of and that was a small Chihuahua, which would have frozen its tail off had Ron not covered it with his blanket. But he didn’t realize that such a selfless act would attract so much attention.She spotted a homeless guy sitting by the I-80 off-ramp, which was a highway exit in Salt Lake City, Utah and decided to stop. The man had a sign that asked for money and work. But all she had on her was a cigarette, which she offered him.

Ron had wrapped his little friend up in a blanket to keep it from freezing to death from the chilly weather. Janes was touched by the way that the homeless man had put his own needs aside to help the dog.

Then Kathleen Dallmann read the post and shared it on the Facebook group, SLC Vegan. This caught the attention of Lisa Donaldson, who wrote that she would go and pick up the dog, which Ron Howell had told Janes was given to him by a woman who could no longer take care of the Chihuahua.

When she found that no one would claim it, Donaldson gave the dog to Chasity Guyer, who decided to name it Lucky Louie with the help of her daughter. They figured that the dog was about a year old, and it would now have a lifetime of happiness.

Kathleen Dallmann decided to set up a fundraising account, which led to a total donation of $500 that Dallmann took to Howell. When Howell got the money, he asked if some of the cash could go to the dog. How thoughtful! Since then, the account has raised a total of $5,281 so far with a goal of $10,000.

**Kathleen Dallmann recorded a video, which she posted on Facebook to show how she gave the initial $500 from folks who hailed Ron Howell a hero for keeping the abandoned puppy from freezing.**