Mysterious Note With $100 Bill Delights Nova Scotia Town.

Mysterious Note With $100 Bill Delights Nova Scotia Town. July 1, 2021

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Every line he read was mind-blowing, but he kept on reading. Doug Miller from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, was used to seeing all sorts of things at the park. But the town employee had never imagined finding a handwritten note like this one while walking around the park. But the note wasn’t the only thing that left him stunned. There was something attached to it, and when he saw what it was, it left him speechless, but he didn’t know who had left the note or this shocking item for him to find. But it changed him and the whole town.Fortunately, Doug Miller, a town employee from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, didn’t have to look far. He was out doing his job at a local park when he noticed that someone had pinned a bag close to the gazebo.

The note spoke of love and gratitude, and it came from a perfect stranger. But what made this discovery even cooler was the $100 bill. He couldn’t believe someone had left such a beautiful note with a generous gift.

The Facebook post was all anyone in town could talk about. In fact, people were elated by the positive impact the random act of kindness had made on Miller. But the town felt invigorated almost as if their faith in humanity had been restored.

He’s considering paying it forward in lieu of using it. But he’s also curious about the kind stranger who left the note and the money, and so are the townspeople who have tried looking for the benefactor. But he or she clearly doesn’t want to be found.

But one thing’s for sure, everyone in town has been affected by the act. It’s brightened their day and given them hope in a world that could really use some more kindness. And the stranger is undoubtedly tickled pink walking amongst the townspeople and seeing how their actions affected so many people.