20 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Can Actually Buy… I’m Definitely Getting #11.

20 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Can Actually Buy… I’m Definitely Getting #11. April 3, 2017

The most important quality of kitchen utensils and appliances is that they be useful – no sense in having the butter churner that your Aunt Susan got you taking up space in the cupboard. However, if you’re going to have a kitchen full of useful things, why not *also* make them awesome? Just because your kitchen tools do their job doesn’t mean they have to be boring. These gadgets ould give your kitchen the epic upgrade it deserves.Bonus points if you say “hi-ya!” with every chop.

Peeling potatoes is the worst. Why not let this cute little monkey entertain you while you peel?

The DCI Hot Man trivet can hold all your hot dishes – perfect for people who have limited scorch-proof couter space.

This muffin mold is perfect for those bakers with a sense of humor.

Eggs are extremely moldable, and these Kotobuki plastic egg molds can shape your hard-boileds into cute little egg miniatures.

These look great on kitchen counters, and if you own them, you can make jokes about having a “periodic dining room table.”

Take your sandwich to work in one of these bags and see if any of your coworkers give you the stink eye.

This little device turns a boring old pizza slicer into an enthusiastic cyclist who just can’t wait to get your pizza dished up.

Finally, a way to get cats to actually do something productive – even if they are ceramic.

This Star Wars toaster crisps every piece of bread to perfection. Pro-tip: After your bread toasts, whisper “Luke, I am your butter.”

Speaking of Star Wars, here’s an easy way to decorate your themed cupcakes to perfection.

Kids will love to get their condiments from these two dudes – even if you think it’s kind of gross.

Now that you know about these gem ice trays, no other ice trays will do.

In your kitchen, he is the one who knocks.

Keep your wine fresh with this little guy. When it comes to drinking wine, this dude is totally on your emotional level.

Don’t let your cereal turn to mush with this clever bowl. Pro-tip: It also works for soup and crackers.

This knife sharpener could actually accomplish the task of making knife sharpening more fun.

A brilliant idea for people who carry a water bottle with them at all times.

Garlic is the worst to chop, especially if you’ve got clumsy hands. With this device, you simply put a peeled clove into the chopper and twist. Bonus: No more stinky fingers.

Yep. Someone thought of that.