Kitten Can’t Squeeze Into His Favorite Tissue Box, Then He Realizes The TRUTH.

Kitten Can’t Squeeze Into His Favorite Tissue Box, Then He Realizes The TRUTH. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cats are full-time entertainers for you and your family. They have a tendency to come up with mischief with each passing day that never ceases to amaze anybody. These little versions of grown up cats are so much fun to be with. They are like unstoppable pranksters who are always occupied in one thing or another all day long. You can never expect them to be silent or “tamed”. But if you have kittens at your place and you observe some unexpected silence around you for too long, then something is just not right.The family owns a mama cat and her two beautiful kittens. One day, they noticed that their kitties were very quiet, which was very strange. So they went on the lookout for the teeny tiny troublemakers and what they saw was a ‘must capture sight’.

Felines are contemplated as a lucky mascot by the Japanese, so you will often find the presence of one in the house or at a shop. This family is no different and therefore, they have more than one feline at their place for extra luck.

These little creatures never seem to run out of energy and are always up to something, be it with their siblings or by themselves. They fight, play, eat and irritate each other a lot. So when the owners went to check on the whereabouts of the kittens, they were amazed to see that one of them was trying very hard to climb inside the Kleenex box, but was unable to do so.

It was then discovered that the other sibling was already hiding inside the box. These kittens are like any other siblings. They always fight with each other to make their claim on the things they feel belong to them.

The little feline can be seen pulling and pushing the other and doing everything to claim back his hiding spot. This cute situation was the perfect opportunity for the owners to film the entire episode on their camera.

She tried to resolve their fight, but soon surrendered and went away when she realized that nothing could be done. It’s also possible that the mother was camera shy and decided to simply avoid the limelight.

The other sibling was happy to be left all alone with its toy. But as people say, there’s nothing more amusing than a fight with your brother or sister. Coming out a winner in a fight over a Kleenex box is an out of this world feeling altogether… if you’re a cat that is.

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