Kitten Was Taking A Nap, When A Surprising Friend Joins In For A Cuddle.

Kitten Was Taking A Nap, When A Surprising Friend Joins In For A Cuddle. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cats and rats have been portrayed as mortal enemies in pop culture. The famous cartoon show *Tom and Jerry* showed us exactly how much these two mischievous creatures love to hate each other, chasing, taunting, and setting up traps to mess with their foes. So, it isn’t surprising that most of us believe that a friendship between the two species is highly unlikely. Mice and rats belong to the rodent family. Cats are known to hunt mice for food. Still that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any chance for a healthy bond to grow between the two species.Despite the existence of a food chain where there are predators and its prey, some animals don’t seem to care about such details.

The reason behind these unusual animal bonds is unclear but these instances are a proof that animals are far more emotionally complex than we thought initially.

Rats have the bad reputation of being filthy, disease carrying creatures, and their very sight is greeted with disgust and fear. It’s important to note that domesticated rats are not the same as the rats you see in the city’s streets; these are very different from their wild counterparts. They are smaller in size and as clean as the pet owner spends time on the animal’s hygiene.

Very much like their feline and canine counterparts, they absolutely love to be snuggled.

They have shattered all notion about the age old cat-mouse rivalry.

A video of this unusual friendship has gone viral on social media. The baby rat fearlessly approaches his feline friend, who is clearly taking a nap.

Surprisingly, it is right beside his feline friend. The kitten does not seem mind to be cuddled by the rat.

You quickly forget how you feel about rats.

The love that this unlikely duo share, however raises an important question. If a predator and its prey can forget their mutual differences and become best friends, what’s stopping us humans from getting along?

->**Watch this adorable video of love and friendship.**<-

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