Kitty Works At Hair Salon For 4 Years And Never Takes A Day Off.

Kitty Works At Hair Salon For 4 Years And Never Takes A Day Off. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s sad to imagine anyone abandoning a cat, especially when it’s just a helpless little kitten. But that’s exactly what happened to Betty Boo, a little ball of fur from Melbourne, Australia. But don’t fret because there’s a silver lining to every gray story, and this is it. It turns out that a woman, who now owns a salon, opened her doors and her heart to Betty Boo. She sheltered and fed her. Now the cat is paying her kindness forward by proving a very important role for all the clients that walk through the door of its human owner’s beauty salon.She was found by Chris Guglielmi in Melbourne and taken to a veterinary clinic, where she was eventually nursed back to full health. But Betty had made such an impression on Chris that she came back for her.

Betty is a serial cuddler, but she also loves to sit on people’s laps. So, if she sees someone nearby, you can expect her to walk right up to them and then jump on their lap. Eventually, this didn’t just become a random thing Betty did, it became her job.

In less than no time, she started working with Chris in the most unique way possible. Okay, so she couldn’t dye hair or curl it. But she could provide some emotional support, which involved cuddling and lap-warming.

If someone was getting their hair cut, she would jump on their laps and kept them company. It was an invaluable service that Chris appreciated, and her customers loved it! Now we almost wish that every salon had a Betty.

Then again, she does take a break now and then to go paws up and chillax. But rarely will you find her taking a cat-nap, at least, not when there are so many clients desperately needing their laps all warmed up.

Ironically, Betty is only interested in parking herself on people’s laps. Clearly, cuddling with humans is the thing that makes this kitty happy, and the feeling is mutual. Her presence puts plenty of smiles on people’s faces.

She currently has 1,180 followers on her @bettyboo_thesaloncat Instagram page, and the number is bound to grow given how cute she is. You can drown yourself in so much digital cuteness. She’s just adorbs!

The moment she notices someone at the hair washing station or on one of the chairs, she’ll torpedo her way towards them and then slowly snuggle on the client’s laps, because snuggles are freaking pawsome!

In this photo, she’s sitting in a box, which is ironic given that this might have been her home if Chris hadn’t rescued her back when she was a tiny helpless kitten on the streets of Melbourne. Looks like this kitty got lucky.

We all know that cats have a reputation for hating the water, so from her perspective, having your hair submerged in water before, or after a haircut, or a dye job, must be traumatic. So that’s why she’s there to comfort you through your ordeal.

Some head and neck scratches would do just fine, since she doesn’t really need cash. But if you don’t do it, don’t be surprised if she gives you the evil eye. After all, nothing in this world is free. So, if you want affection, you better give some back.

Many of the salon’s clients love Betty, but they feel horrible when she goes to sleep on their lap. The last thing anyone wants to do is interrupt her beauty sleep. That would be heartbreaking. Then again, you don’t want to lose your spot either.

There’s just one thing that really ticks Betty off more than running into a huge dog, and that’s clients who spend too much time on their cell phone. If they’re not petting her, she’ll just look at them and nudge them with her face to pay attention… to her!

No lap will ever go unnoticed or empty, at least, not as long as Betty is on the job. The only thing she wants from you is a head scratch now and then. It’s not too much to ask for, is it? Besides, who wouldn’t want to run their fingers through Betty’s hair?

If you’re ever in Melbourne, Australia, then you definitely need to come to BABAR Hair and enjoy Betty’s lap warming sessions. You can also read her blog. Yes! She not only shows affection to clients, but she runs a blog of her own too. But her owner does all the typing.

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