Kind Grandma’s Been Caring For A “Kitty Imposter” And Thinks He’s A Stray Cat.

Kind Grandma’s Been Caring For A “Kitty Imposter” And Thinks He’s A Stray Cat. May 8, 2020

Grandmothers are awesome, aren’t they? They’re hilarious and oh-so loving. They listen to all your problems and always have some words of advice to share. But the thing we love most about them is the fact that they have such amazing hearts. They don’t just limit their affection to family members. They show love to all creatures, just like one grandmother from Kansas, who is well known for providing a home to all the stray cats in the neighborhood. She provides these wayward kitties with some much-needed love and shelter. But what makes this grandma even more special is the fact that she feeds them too, even if one of her strays is the ultimate impostor.This didn’t really surprise Eric since he knew his grandmother loved to welcome strays into her home. She had even turned her enclosed porch into a sanctuary so she could care for the neighborhood kitties.

It turned out that one of the strays stuck out like a sore thumb because it really wasn’t a cat at all. Somehow, grandma had totally missed the obvious clues that one of her porch residents was an opossum.

The opossum was relaxing in a cat bed in the corner and Eric assumed that maybe this impostor had snuck into his grandma’s house in order to get some food and stay warm. But what really confused him was his grandma’s reaction to the news.

Not only had she been feeding him for several months, but she named the critter Tete.

Grandma processed her grandson’s words and decided to take a closer look at the creature she had come to know as Tete. “She looked up at me and said, ‘Well, he hasn’t bothered anyone yet, so why not!’ with a big grin on her face,” said Eric.

The orphaned creature continued to come back and eventually settled on the porch. He doesn’t always like humans petting him, but he seems to get along well with his adopted feline family. And as far as grandma is concerned, Tete deserves as much love as anybody else does.