Homeless Cat And His Real-Life Superhero Are Adorable (Unlikely) BFFs.

Homeless Cat And His Real-Life Superhero Are Adorable (Unlikely) BFFs. November 26, 2018

Every living being on this planet needs someone to look after them. Most have parents, friends, or others who understand and respect them. Unfortunately, not everyone has this pillar of support from birth. Unlike animals who cannot speak their mind, humans have it slightly easier as they can express their feelings with words. Dogs and cats are considered to be the best companions for people. But even they need someone to be there for them in the good times and the bad times. The psychological satisfaction of having someone by your side is the one reassurance that can make your life simpler and more beautiful. Such was the instance of a kitty named Koma who once had nobody in his life but then got his own forever family and his own guardian angel.The kitten was abandoned and barely three days old. The family welcomed the feline as the new member of the family. “At that time, he was alone, and he was about three days after birth,” Mai Narushima told Love Meow.

The kitten was so small, he couldn’t even open his eyes. The family took care of Koma full-time.

Koma was fed milk with a baby bottle and wrapped in cozy blankets to keep warm.

They began capturing the feline’s road from being homeless and helpless, to growing into a happy, independent cat.

Although the kitty had a house where he was cared for and loved, something was missing. That’s when his humans thought of giving him a guardian in the form of Ultraman.

Ultraman is a fictional Japanese superhero who acts as a protector of the weak. As soon as Koma saw his buddy, he fell in love. They have been inseparable ever since.

When the kitty opens his eyes first thing in the morning, Ultraman is there. When he sleeps, the superhero is there to guard him. When he walks, Ultraman is always there encouraging him. Ultraman is one loyal and attentive buddy to Koma who never leaves his side even after he grew taller than him.

Together, they are the most powerful and adorable buddy duo. The family posts their adventures on social media. This unique friendship has garnered attention and love from thousands of people. Today they have around Instagram 68,000 followers.

On September 2016, Koma celebrated his first birthday and as expected, he had Ultraman with him. The family threw Koma a big party.

The kitty literally grew with Ultraman. From a frightening beginning to a happy home filled with love and a superhero.