Sad Dog In Landfill Has His Whole Life Changed From This Human.

Sad Dog In Landfill Has His Whole Life Changed From This Human. January 17, 2021

Dogs are as adorable as they are loyal, which is why it’s so heartbreaking to hear there are so many without a home. There’s no animal on this Earth that can provide as much love and companionship to a human than a dog. Once they enter your life, a dog is no longer just a friend. It becomes a part of your family. But not every dog in the world is lucky enough to live in a luxurious home with a loving, supportive family. Some dogs struggle to survive in terrible conditions, the way Kratos, a Kangal Shepherd, has in Corum, Turkey.Crystal Carson, the cofounder of Rescuers Without Borders, was heartbroken when she first laid eyes on the photo of the pooch. He was living in such deplorable conditions and was practically skin and bones.

It turns out that Kratos had mange, a condition that caused him to lose a lot of his fur. He also looked horribly depressed. Kangal dogs are considered golden in Turkey, but ironically, many of them are living in less than stellar conditions.

Without realizing it, Kratos’ sad eyes became a cry for help, and Carson was such a kind human that she couldn’t ignore his plea. Something about Kratos made Carson eager to help the dog out, but he wasn’t the only one in need of rescuing.

Pups of all ages rely on this landfill for food. They also use the garbage as a means to stay warm when the temperature drops. But for the most part, the only thing dogs like this one want is to find a forever home.

In 2017, Carson and her friends created Rescuers Without Borders to provide these wayward dogs the medical care and the food they so desperately needed. They even tried finding them homes, but the organization’s resources are limited.

Under the circumstances, they often choose puppies because they’re young and don’t have the means to survive on their own. But they also take in older dogs who seem to be struggling with their living accommodations at the landfill.

The cold weather had approached, and it became necessary to get him out of there fast. A local rescuer from Turkey named Gokce Erdogan feared Kratos wouldn’t make it. So, he reached out to Carson and asked her to take him.

Fortunately, he was friendly and cooperative. But he was also abnormally thin and weak due to lack of food. He was starving, too. And yet, despite his condition, Kratos’ prognosis wasn’t as grim as it seemed.

Carson was shocked when the blood work came back. Despite the dog’s horrible predicament, Kratos was in decent health. He just needed some food in his belly, and a couple of hugs and snuggles from some loving humans.

Demir was happy to provide Kratos with a doghouse, some food and fresh water. He also gave him medical care just like the other dogs who call this rescue their home. Now Kratos is happy, healthy, and very happy to be alive.