Everyone’s Talking About This Phenomenal Aquarium. I’m In Pure Awe.

Everyone’s Talking About This Phenomenal Aquarium. I’m In Pure Awe. May 1, 2016

[Jon Rawlinson](http://jonrawlinson.com/) is a filmmaker who specializes in documentary and commercial production. He shot this video at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium at the main tank called Kuroshio Sea. It’s the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world. The tank holds 7,500-cubic meters or 1,981,290 gallons of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters.

The song playing is “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona. Here are some of the comments Jon received from people after viewing his video: *my name is Jindra, I’m from Czech republic and we have 3.09am now: ) I cannot sleep for some reason..that’s life, shits happen… well, anyways: ) I’ve just found your video from the Okinawa ChuraumiAquarium in Japan…OMG !!…have to play it again and again…and again..* *it’s simply AWESOME !!!! not just the fact – the aquarium – but also your script, camera, music… simply perfect..* *I must say: thank-you ! you made me calm, you delighted my soul, you gave me forgot for a while for all my pain and sadness which defeated me sometimes in the night…you reminded me that there is still BEAUTY in the world. and I’ll fall asleep soon: ) with rays in my dreams..* **- Jindra** *I sent the link to all of my friends – and we simply can’t stop watching it again and again and again.* *Best regards from Cologne,* **- Sylvia** *I just wanted to say that today July 20th i* *got home and i always check my email and go on break for new postings* *and i happen to notice your underwater video of the enormous aquarium.* *I have never!! in my entire life found a video so extraordinary and* *peaceful. coming from a very stressful job as an officer i saw your* *video and i showed my entire family and i just want to say its* *people like you that make my life that much easier and peaceful seeing* *footage that makes me feel calm. im not expecting you to send me a* *response but i just wanted you to have some input of what i think.* *thank you soo much your new biggest fan* **- Patrick** *Thank you so much.* *I have been inside sick unable to eat for a week now and your video has brought me much solitude.* *So amazing – Perfect actually.* *Thank you again.* *If you have the time could you please email me the artist and song.* *Thanks,* **- Mark**