Watching This Woman Turn Into Kyle Jenner Proves The Power Of Makeup.

Watching This Woman Turn Into Kyle Jenner Proves The Power Of Makeup. July 23, 2018

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is a cultural phenomenon. Ever since the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians hit the airwaves in 2007, people have become obsessed with the five sisters and their hectic social lives. Shivani Sharma is a fashion photographer and YouTuber who wanted to highlight just how much works goes into looking like one of the sisters. Albeit, the Toronto, Canada native does resemble the youngest sister Kylie Jenner the exercise was more about a reality check then trying to copy the reality star. Shivani hopes that women of all ages begin to understand that by seeing the amount of products that goes into looking flawless. The vlogger wants the audiences watching these shows to embrace their, “true beauty and not comparing yourself to a celebrity is healthy.”Shivani regularly does make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel but this transformation, she admits, is meant to be used as a photo series for a school project.

Concealer can be applied to the whole face for an even and consistent look.

Although, focused on the project at hand, both Shivani and Ashley were talking and smiling throughout the process.

You want to choose a foundation that is closest to the skin tone for a more “natural” look. Remember to spread it down the neck to blend.

Shivani has been sharing her fashion and makeup tutorials on YouTube since 2013.

Eye concealer can also hide the tired eyes effect. Powder around the eyes is also applied to set the makeup in.

Bronzer not only gives that sun-kissed look but it also adds dimension and definition to the face.

Selfies are a big part of Kylie’s world as she has over 68 million followers, not bad for someone who is about to turn 19 years old.

The primer is a base used prior to applying eye shadow. It prepares the area for a smooth, crease free application. The primer will also help the shadow stay on longer.

The starlet has known to be wild and carefree, trying out just about every shade in the colour palette of makeup.

You didn’t think those were naturally gigantic lashes did you?

Ashley took many steps to get Shivani to look like Kylie. This just proves how much work Kylie herself puts herself through to look like that everyday.

Kylie is a business woman who has her own line of lip glosses. Her lip kits are such a success that they sell out within minutes of new colours being released.

Shivani looks just like Kylie Jenner. She even has the pout down.