Adorable Duck Has The BEST Mom Ever… The Footage Is Achingly Cute.

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Kylie is a proud mama duck. When Kylie’s parents, Ashley and Mike Brown, brought their new farm animal home, he was expected to live outside. Snowflake, however, imprinted on Kylie, believing she is his mom. The five-year-old from Freeport, Maine and Snowflake go everywhere together; from the park, the beach, and even sledding. Mike describes Kylie stance on bringing her baby everywhere they go as a family as “non-negotiable.” Last year, when the little girl dressed up as Elsa from *Frozen* for Halloween, her waterfowl went as the snowman Olaf. Although it may seem difficult to tell Snowflake his mom is not really her little human, it proves even more difficult to break the news to Kylie. Watch Kylie’s reaction when she is informed Snowflake will one day grow up to go to college. This mama is not ready for such a big step yet.
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