Raver Granny Unexpectedly Stole The Show From This Street Performer.

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Pablo “Disco Bunny” is not used to getting upstaged, particularly by a senior. The street performer may have been wearing a bright yellow body suit and pink hair tie while energetically dancing to “Twist and Shout.” There were a few people on the street of Brighton, England who spontaneously joined Disco Bunny for a couple of dance moves. Nonetheless, it was an older lady in a pink coat who proved you are never too old to just dance. The granny seemed to push aside her shopping trolley to rock to the 1963 hit. Waiving her arms, shaking her hips, and moving her feet might not have been on her shopping list for the day but this lady knows to simply seize the moment even if it means stealing the spotlight from someone.
<iframe width="100%" height="auto" style="min-height: 350px;" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yZDvX84mH1A"></iframe>