Handicapped Woman Rescued By Stranger After Wheelchair Battery Died.

Handicapped Woman Rescued By Stranger After Wheelchair Battery Died. July 5, 2020

A woman found herself in a sticky situation. While she was riding to the grocery store, the motor on her wheelchair burned out. Unfortunately, she was left in a difficult position. Stuck in between the sidewalk and the road, the woman was stranded. She attempted to flag down cars for help, but they just kept passing by. She slowly began to lose hope, but that all changed when one man showed up to help.

Belinda Whittaker wasn’t your average citizen. She may have been 67-years old, but she was a feisty woman. She was also an extremely religious woman. But she had no idea that she would share these qualities with her rescuer. Bilal Quintyne also shared her lust for life and a passion for God. But neither of them knew their paths would cross, but as soon as they did, Belinda couldn’t have been happier.

Belinda lived by herself, but she was happy. It got lonely, but she tried to make the best of it. Currently, she was living in an elderly retirement complex, which made life easier because she was around other people. But, there was more to it. Belinda had to be in a wheelchair because she couldn’t move by herself. This complicated things for Belinda at times. But Belinda wasn’t always this way.

When Belinda was born she had a fully-functioning body. Unfortunately, she later developed polio, which is a virus that typically affects children under the age of 5. In some cases, the disease can cause paralysis. Unfortunately for Belinda, she lost the ability to use her legs. And what’s even worse is that there’s no cure for polio, so that meant that Belinda was going to be stuck this way forever. But Belinda had no clue how stuck she would really be.

Until recently, Belinda owned a van that was handicap accessible. It was everything she needed, allowing her to go everywhere she needed to go without a fuss. Sadly, one day something horrible happened. Belinda had been in an accident, and even though she was fine, her van wasn’t. Now she could only depend on her wheelchair. She was stuck in a really tough situation. One day, something unimaginable happened while she was trying to run errands.

Belinda took care of herself just fine and she was used to her condition, so she just made the best of her situation. Fortunately, Belinda had a motorized wheelchair, which allowed her to get her to where she needed to go, as long as it was close by. It may not have been ideal, but it was the best that she could do. But then, Belinda was struck by disaster when he wheelchair decided it had enough.

One day, Belinda had some errands that she needed to do. She needed some food for her house, so her first stop was the grocery store. While she was on her way, disaster hit. Belinda’s wheelchair gave out on her. The motor inside was burnt out, which left Belinda in a very sticky situation. Unfortunately, she was a long ways from home. But she was a resourceful type of woman.

At this point in time, Belinda had all of the faith in the world. She believed that someone would stop and help her. She was just a little old lady trying to do some shopping, after all. She knew someone would eventually stop, but she never expected it to be who it was. Until Bilal arrived, Belinda was left feeling helpless. No one expected him to react the way that he did when he showed up.

Belinda eventually became discouraged. But, she finally got an idea. She could call someone to help her. Belinda began to look through her bag for her phone, but of course, Belinda left her cell phone at home. She was in an extremely scary situation at this point. So she began to signal cars, but no one seemed to care.

Help arrived when Belinda least expected it. Bilal was taking his morning run. Considering he was an aspiring boxer, fitness meant everything to him. He immediately knew something wasn’t right as he ran past Belinda. “You need any help?” he asked. Belinda definitely needed help. Bilal then pushed Belinda all the way home. Even though Bilal was in great shape, there was one thing that made their journey difficult.

It was literally an uphill battle. Belinda lived on a slight hill from where she got stranded. Bilal was ready for it. He looked at it like he looked at his training. As he began to trek up the hill, he had no clue how long it would take him. It was an unbelievably long trip. Thirty minutes later, Bilal safely delivered Belinda at her apartment. But it was what Bilal did during their trip that made people talk.

A fire was lit underneath Bilal on the journey to Belinda’s. On that morning, he had a friend with him. So he asked his friend to take out his phone. On their journey, Bilal shared a video. “I don’t care what you’re going through, when God calls you to help, you supposed to help! Period.” He explained he we’re supposed to be there for one another so we can build a better future. The response the video received was unreal

Bilal didn’t expect the response he received when he share the video online. The post’s title was, “God’s Plan. God’s Work.” When people saw it they flipped out. The video was shared and reacted to 66,000. It had received 3 million views in a short amount of times, and the people absolutely loved Bilal for sharing it. The agreements and praise were absolutely overwhelming. But this isn’t where the story ends.

“I think maybe I was in shock or something, or disbelief, but I didn’t get his name or anything,” said Belinda. They pair finally found one another again a month later. Belinda stumbled across the friend that filmed the video. She asked the friend for Bilal’s contact information, and now they have regular contact. Just as Bilal says, “You can’t do wrong doing good. And that’s what it’s all about.”