20 Famous Last Tweets To Remind You That Life Is Precious.

20 Famous Last Tweets To Remind You That Life Is Precious. October 13, 2018

People all over the world like to keep up with their favorite celebs. There are many platforms to be able to do this like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of the favorites is Twitter because it’s easy to do and the limit of characters that can be used in a tweet make the posts short and sweet. They are more to the point because there is no room for rambling. A lot of celebs have Twitter followers that are numbered into the millions. People from all across the globe wait for that next tweet so they can either respond to it or share it (retweet) or both. One single tweet can set the rumor world on fire in a matter of minutes. When a celebrity dies, or anyone else for that matter, it’s always interesting to find out what they did that day or what they did last. Twitter allows us a unique look into someone’s final day of life. When you read these final tweets of famous people you will learn who talked about the dead just hours before dying, who tried to help a friend with record sales before her own death and who actually said goodbye. Some final tweets are sad and some of them are downright fitting for the person that tweeted them. Read on and maybe you’ll find out about someone who was once one of your favorites.Whitney Houston for some reason didn’t have a lot of followers on Twitter in comparison to other stars. She never tweeted all that much and that might be one of the main reasons. Her final tweet was actually verifying to someone that this was actually her account. That’s kind of sad.

Leonard Nimoy, better known as Mr. Spock, sent this tweet just a few days before he died. There couldn’t be a better final tweet for him.

Mitch Lucker tweeted these words and this photo just a couple of hours before he died on Halloween (2012) in a motorcycle accident.

Michael Clarke Duncan was a great actor known for his many successful roles. He was also a huge fan of MMA and UFC and regularly attended events. He sent this tweet after an event and died shortly after.

Capital Steelz, a 19-year-old rapper from New York City, sent this tweet moments before jumping off an apartment building in Manhattan.

Maya Angelou, who was known for her writing, acting and poetry, posted this tweet just a few days before her death.

Paul Walker was filming Furious 7 when he was killed in a car accident. His final tweet was a promo to get fans anticipating the newest release in the Fast and Furious franchise of films. The 40-year- old popular actor was killed the next day.

Indy race car driver Dan Wheldon posted this tweet on the morning of his death. Later that day he was killed in a horrific crash during the race.

Roger Ebert was known for being part of the famous Siskel and Ebert team that reviewed movies. They were famous for giving either a thumbs up or thumbs down to a flick. Before his death, he tweeted several tweets that left his fans confused. This was his final one.

Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, died in his Manhattan apartment from a drug overdose. A couple of days before his death he tweeted this final tweet. It was lyrics from the Grandmaster Flash song “New York, New York” and it summed up Goldstein’s love and insight for the city. It was a fitting final tweet.

Reeva Steenkamp sent this final tweet as she was anticipating Valentine’s Day the next day. She was shot to death that night by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius.

Gary Shandling made a career out of making jokes. His final tweet was a joke referring to Donald Trump, the GOP trying to get rid of him and Kanye West. Not many people realized that it was a joke but his loyal followers got it. It was the final joke that Shandling would tell.

Cory Monteith spent his last day of life partying with his friends. They went to see the horribly bad movie Sharknado and he jokingly tweeted that he didn’t know what it actually was. He died later that night from a drug overdose.

Patty Duke sent this tweet celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary. The 69-year old former child star died a few days later.

Amy Winehouse had some dark times before she died of a drug overdose. Her substance abuse had led to some poor performances and the loss of a lot of fans. Her final tweet was sent trying to increase record sales for Dionne Bromfield. Earlier on the night she died at the age of just 27, she had been booed off the stage during a performance.

Long time sportscaster Stuart Scott worked right up until close to the time of his death. He sent this final tweet, a thank you for a well deserved award, and a thanks for letting his siblings accept the award for him. He couldn’t attend the event because he wasn’t feeling well. He died within a few days.

Harris Wittels was a 30-year-old comedian who had plenty of followers. He was never at a loss for a joke and he was extremely active on Twitter. He mostly tweeted jokes and people could never get enough of them. His final tweet was giving fans his email address but it’s not exactly clear as to why. Some say it was another joke but unfortunately he was never able to confirm or deny that rumor.

Billy Mays was known for his role as a spokesman for many companies pitching new products. On the final day of his life he flew from Philadelphia back home to Tampa on US Air. He tweeted earlier in the day about his third hip replacement surgery that was coming up and when the plane landed that night he tweeted about the very rough plane ride home. He gave one final pitch for US Air referring to how customers shouldn’t expect smooth flights from the company. It was said that he slammed his head on the ceiling of the plane upon landing and he died later that night at home. But doctors later said that the incident played no part in his death.

Joan Rivers always tweeted jokes involving celebs. Her final tweet was about an incident that took place in an elevator between Jay Z and Solange. Rivers died shortly after that on Beyonce’s birthday and many people said that it was a conspiracy because it happened that way. But it very obviously was not.

In her final days Liz Taylor didn’t tweet as much as she had in the previous few years. Her final tweet was telling her fans about an interview that she had done a few weeks prior. It was out and she wanted fans to read it. It was not the bomb dropping type of interview that she had done in years past but she still wanted it to be read. About a month after the tweet, she was gone.