25 Hilarious Examples Of Decorating For Christmas The Lazy Way.

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If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, then tap into the Halloween spirit to do some decorating.

Blame it on the turkey, but some people tend to get really lazy after Thanksgiving. And that’s too bad because there’s still a lot of Christmas prepping to do. The branches on the Christmas tree need to get fluffed, and the ornaments need dusting. Oh, and who could forget putting up the Christmas lights outside? Some families love to go all out and create a magical display of lights that will act like a beacon of hope for the entire neighborhood. But there are other people who are so freaking lazy that they can’t lift a finger indoor or outdoor. So, to those of you who aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit this year, we salute you with some of the laziest Christmas decorations ever.Repurpose your creepy Halloween butler into Santa. Your kids will be pooping their pants this Christmas.

It doesn’t look like Santa will be making it to Christmas, but Jack Skellington might make an appearance.

No bones about it! This kind of horrific lazy decoration will chill you to the bones this holiday season.

Here’s another tragic example of a pine tree air freshener being used in the laziest possible way ever.

Maybe they went lazy on their tree decorating ideas, but those presents look mighty big and expensive.
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If you’re just not feeling it this year, then reuse those Fall pumpkins and create something Christmassy.

But whatever you do, don’t follow this person’s example and simply write Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho.

Feeling a little Meh this Christmas? Then do what the house on the right did and just say “Ditto.”

You might gawk at the sheer laziness. But the house on the right’s light bill will be a whole lot lower.

Now this is the kind of Nativity scene that makes you want to pull a tab and have a sip of soda.

This family thought this was funny. But when they meet their maker, the big guy will have the last laugh.

Jesus Christ! No pun intended. Is it just us or is this minimalistic approach totally sacrilegious for XMAS?

Oh, sure. Go ahead. Use the birthday banner from your kid’s last birthday party. Jesus won’t mind, at all.

You expect better from your neighbors around the holidays, but they always seem to leave you hanging.

Not only is it super creepy, but it will make half the neighborhood reach for their phone and dial 9-1-1.

This idea will only work if you happen to have walls that are painted green already, plus some lights.

Why go crazy when you can hang the lights in the shape of a triangle and call it a Christmas tree?
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It seems to be a growing trend to use washi tape to create a wall tree, but to us, it’s sheer laziness.

It might look stylish and modern, but it’s certainly no substitute for an actual 3D tree in your living room.
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When you’re simply not in the mood to buy a big tree that you have to decorate, use a car freshener.

It’s green, smells like pine, and it’s in the shape of a tree. But the kids will never ever forgive you for this.

Laundry day can be so much fun when you turn your dirty clothes and hamper into a Christmas tree.

A laundry Christmas tree sounds insane! But if you try it, do yourself a solid and Febreze those clothes.

Another minimalistic idea is to buy the scrawniest looking tree that can barely hold a single ornament.

We get it. It was all sad and alone at the store and you felt bad for it so you bought the worst tree ever.

The holidays may be a time to be jolly, but not everyone feels like making a big stink of the whole thing.

Have yourself a Merry little Christ-MEH! These Christmas lights say it all. So, carolers, don’t even bother.

When you’re not in the mood to put up the Christmas lights and don’t want people asking you why.

At least you can tell everyone you decorated your home with lights, but that the Grinch stole Christmas.

This snowman is such a lazy invention, but it’s also pretty practical, especially, if you live in Florida.

No snow? No problem. Just try this doorsy alternative. It’ simply a-door-able and Frosty will never melt.

What’s the point of taking the tree out of the box when it’s going to be put away after the holidays?

One employee decided to puncture the ornaments and wrapped tinsel around the box. Problem solved.

Putting ornaments up can be tons of fun, but taking them down is such a nightmare unless you do this.

Once Christmas ends, wrap the tree in Saran wrap. You can unwrap it next Christmas without the hassle.

This is how Australians celebrate Christmas because they can’t do a white Christmas in the summer.

In lieu of a tree, they use a “Christmas fan” to keep everyone cool while they unwrap their presents.

The size of the tree doesn’t really matter, which is a good thing for the people in this household.

It’s not a tree, but it is a tree-shaped ornament. But that just leaves all that space to add more presents.

The cool thing about kids is that you can find a cheesy way to create a tree, and they’ll still love it.

He’s got his family, his cat, and stockings. So what if that’s just an outline of a tree made with blue tape?

If you don’t feel like chopping up a pine tree or spending money on a plastic one, then use a ladder.

These folks added ornaments and wrapped Christmas lights around a ladder. Now that’s so darn lazy.
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This lazy Christmas tree hack simply screams college dorm room or even worse, a bachelor pad.

Sometimes, all you need is a keg, 3 12-packs of beer to make up the body of the tree and a lava lamp.

Having a real reindeer at a Clorox scented hospital would probably be a health hazard for patients.

This hospital used crutches for the legs, a latex glove for the nose, and paper bags to create Rudolph.

All you have to do is blow or use an air pump, and you’ll have Christmas decorations set up in a snap.

It doesn’t really get any easier than this and you get a snowman, a tree, a reindeer and so much more.