Lazy Dogs Who Can Literally Sleep In Any Position.

Lazy Dogs Who Can Literally Sleep In Any Position. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs are pretty goofy, quirky creatures. Studies have shown that people who have pets are healthier and better able to deal with stress. Their playing, cuddling, and presence are known to release oxytocin, the happy, feel good hormone. Furthermore, it decreases the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. In case you doubt these claims, just take a look at these photos. You will feel better, instantly.It’s not just about being cozy, you might as well be fashionable as well.

Trying to catch the pesky squirrel in the backyard is just too much.

This pup is literally a party animal. Hangovers are never good. Hopefully, this is a lesson for next time.

Once a canine has found the perfect place to sleep, forget it. He is never going to give it up.

These dog beds are not always the most comfy. So if you find the best spot, even if you look funny doing it, it’s ok. You need your beauty sleep.

A dog’s body language while sleeping will reveal what their dream is about. And sometimes that dream is about flying like Peter Pan.

Don’t worry about your next conquest. Be cuddly, sweet, and patient. The rest will come.

Sleeping by the Christmas tree surrounded by tinsel and decorations. This pup is hoping he’s been good enough to get something from Santa.

That also applies where you sleep. Should it be the doggy bed or the floor? Compromise and do both.

Ok, so maybe a T-shirt might have been a better idea. In his defence, he can’t reach the drawer handles.

He would love to talk to you right now, but this canine is in desperate need for a nap. Come back in an hour or two.

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