It Took 3 Days To Build This Insane LEGO Statue, And 3 Seconds To Knock It Down.

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A builder named Zhao spent three full days building this LEGO statue.

Most people know that if there are ropes around a certain exhibit or art installation, we shouldn't go beyond the confines of those ropes. Then again, most of us are adults. When it comes to children, it's a whole different story. One man learned that the hard way after displaying his Zootopia LEGO statue, which had taken him days to build. All that effort led to one pivotal moment involving an unattended and curious child and, well, let's just say this is painful to behold.

It's a character from the film Zootopia called Nick Wilde.

Apparently, it took thousands of dollars worth of LEGOs to build.

And it certainly does look like a lot of manual labor.

The final result is certainly impressive.

After it was finished, it went up on display at a shopping mall in Ningbo, China.

Here's the proud builder with his work. Unfortunately, this moment didn't last for long.

Yup. A kid did this.