Dogs Are Wearing Leotards Now, And It Solves The WORST Problem.

Dogs Are Wearing Leotards Now, And It Solves The WORST Problem. October 12, 2018

Dogs. They’re incredible companions. They seep love out of every pore in their tiny furry bodies and could care less about anyone other than you, their fellow human companion, their family, their friend. If we could only get rid of their darn hair all over the house, right? Well, now you can, that is, if you don’t mind sticking your dog into a leotard! You’ve seen people dress up their pets in tiny little jackets and tutus, but this is a completely different statement item. The extremely cute and cozy Shed Defender was invented by Tyson Walters, and it can set you back $49.99 for a small and up to $59.99 for an extra large. Here’s how it works.But he’s actually ready to go about his day and now shed a single hair on your sofa, bed, or couch.

Harley’s owner, Tyson, moved to San Diego University and needed to find a way to stop his dog from shedding hair all over the hardwood floors. He says, “My car was close to ruined because of all the hair intertwined in the fabric. There was nothing I could do, just brush and brush and brush, and yet that still wasn’t enough.”

And even though we would completely agree that if you don’t like hair getting everywhere, then perhaps a golden fish is a better suit for you, we’re pretty sure a lot of people would find this product incredibly helpful and effective. If you had any doubts about this canine outfit being comfortable for the dog, Tyson went on to say that, “It’s not only effective, but also allows for a comfortable fit for the dog. It is now finally complete and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

**Check out the Shed Defender in all its glory and how easy it is to put it on your dog, here.**