30 Times Libraries Amazed Visitors With Their Creativity.

30 Times Libraries Amazed Visitors With Their Creativity. January 28, 2021

Thank goodness libraries haven’t gone out of style. Oh, sure you can Google search your answer to a question. But there’s something special about actually going to a library, grabbing a book and reading it. Libraries offer tons of services like librarian assistance and a community of bookworms. But what sets one library apart from another? We imagine it might have something to do with some of these creative and fun ideas we’re about to share. The librarians who work in these local libraries sprinkle their twisted sense of humor to turn a quiet space into a happy place.Not only would you be able to help a bunch of people finish this huge puzzle, but you’d get the satisfaction of finally learning what was in it once everyone pitches in and help finish it.

What’s this? A library for ants? It probably isn’t, but this marvelous work of art by the door is a whimsical way to get kids to immerse themselves in the literary world.

I mean, let’s face it. If we looked like that without a shirt on, we’d also be tempted to walk around shirtless all the time too.

Dina volunteers as a reading dog for kids with difficulties. They get to practice reading out loud without fearing they’d get judged or rushed. She’s so intuitive and smart, she even wags her tail to the rhythm a child is reading so she can help them keep their pace and improve their reading skills. Best of all? She learned how to do this intuitively, as nobody taught her this incredible trick.

Blind dates are cool and all, but what if you got to choose a book without judging them by their cover? Not only that, but recommendmeabook.com lets you read the first page of a novel, and if you like it, you can click and find out the name of the author and the book. Color us impressed!

It has a tube that leads to the outside, which is great since it’d be pretty hard to read with all that buzzing, right?

Well, that’s a pretty decent amount of reading for $1,438 if you ask us! Either that, or the books they chose where rather expensive!

We’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty adorable way to recover those books. In other schools, they just shame the kids in front of their classmates. We’ve got to admit that both techniques would actually work wonders!

We do have to wonder what happens when the indicator turns red. Do they hose everyone out? Maybe they water down those who are making all that noise. That’d only be fair, right?

While we do love the fact that they use Batman to get the kids to return overdue books, we do have to add that Batman wouldn’t have to bother returning his books. He would’ve bought the entire library and every book inside. Just sayin’!

We wonder if Gaston posted this so that Belle would stop reading and focus on him on Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” You know how he feels about improving your knowledge and critical thinking skills. It’ll give him a coronary.

This library even has a vault where people can go into and talk on their phone freely, without interrupting anyone who’s enjoying a great book or doing some research. How considerate! But also, why don’t we have one of these on every single library across the world?

But where does the mystery door lead to? Well, according to a San Jose State University graduate, when you rotate the bookshelf, you get to another bookshelf that’s fake. It’s packed with books you can’t really read or remove, as it’s just the covers and cut off ends of books that were glued onto the fake bookshelf. Well, it’s pretty adorable anyway!

No one wants to walk all the way back to the main entrance and tell on someone who’s making a bunch of noise. Instead, you can just send an anonymous text and let the library police know where the noise is coming from. We do have to wonder how do you describe where the noise is coming from? Do you give out coordinates?

Not only does it make you want to find out why these books were banned, but you only get to discover what the title of the book is until you’re at the checkout. What a great way to challenge censorship and make people want to read these books even more!

This local library wants to teach people to protect themselves from fake media and political agendas by asking the right questions and paying attention to all these red flags. That being said, there are many crazy headlines that are actually true these days, so stay open-minded first and do a little digging before you form an opinion.

Not only is it mildly convenient, but it makes the process a lot easier for those who are too overwhelmed by the insane amount of books in a single bookshelf. That being said, some librarians believe this could damage the book overtime.

It’s also a beautiful way to make people feel like they’re getting lost in the literary world and discover the power of books. Although we do have to admit, there’s nothing “little” about “The Little Prince,” huh?

The librarian finally embraced his inner Walter White for Halloween and paid true homage to the iconic TV sociopath. He even sat down in this position for an entire hour right after the library opened its doors.

This library was actually built right over the Canada-USA border, so the black line represents the division between both countries. We do have to say, that table should just pick a side already!

It wasn’t doing anything yesterday either and it probably won’t be doing anything tomorrow. So, you might as well have a seat. It’s going to be a while before this display decides to stop being lazy and does something with its shelf life.

It’s kind of like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get. You could wind up with something cool like a bunch of John Grisham or Stephen King novels. Or You could end up with “Twilight.”

Most people don’t read books anymore because they think they’re a drag. But people love the beach. So, when you combine something with a gorgeous beach setting, you’ll get a bunch of tourists eager to borrow a book to read. Hopefully, they remember to put it back.

True love will definitely show with this old-fashioned way of writing a love letter. The only bummer is that you won’t be able to use autocorrect or spellcheck your work with that traditional style typewriter. But at least your S.O. will know every word came from the heart, even the typos.

This is sweet. At this library, Nana is providing a free pair of gloves to keep the hands of guests toasty warm. Bless her heart whoever she is. We totally feel the love here, and like the idea of “gotta pair leave a pair. Need a pair get a pair.”

We don’t know why but we like that the time is projected on the outside with words. It’s displayed as if someone was talking to us. Now maybe people will know better than to come in five minutes before the library closes.

They came back and saw this sticker which was virtually saying, “the laptop owner shouldn’t be so trustful.” Just because the person that left this didn’t take it, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t have.

How many times have you read something on your phone or on your computer when an annoying pop-up ad appears and makes you lose your place? Ugh! We know. But like the sign suggests, books are a little more hassle-free.

Face it! Some books are a bestseller while others a total bore. Thankfully, this library has a series of sleeping pods, so students can take a nap and recharge or lay comfortably and read on to see what happens next.

What a great way to exercise and study at the same time! It would be even cooler if the treadmill would power the computer. But most students would probably get motion sickness while trying to read and walk.