20 Daily Little Mysteries Perfectly Explained By Clever GIFs.

20 Daily Little Mysteries Perfectly Explained By Clever GIFs. December 22, 2018

They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then a GIF can be best described as priceless. Gone are the days of watching long videos to understand things. From complex mechanical processes to biological responses, the following GIFs will help you understand a wide array of intricate designs and processes within seconds.This is the reason why A squared plus B squared is always equal to C squared, in a right angled triangle.

As clearly seen in the gif, the teeth on either side of the zipper are positioned in a way that ensures that they will close down on each other.

Thanks to GIFs, geometry does not look as tough as it once used to.

Just watching this will make your eyes hurt.

Now you know how this amazing invention works. However, figuring out how to thread the machine properly remains a mystery.

The Knight’s Tour is a chess puzzle where a knight must visit every square on the board only once.

This sure brings back some childhood memories.

It’s amazing how they don’t trip while walking this way.

Even something as simple as opening a lock is an extremely complex process. Yet Hollywood movies always show people easily picking a lock in 10 seconds. Seriously, though!

Finally this age old question can be put to rest. How cool is this?

You’re probably feeling a bit dizzy right now. We don’t blame ya!

Let’s face it, people! We were all pretty ugly before coming into this world. Thank the world that MAC is available everywhere!

Now you see it and now you don’t.

But you’re gonna have to watch this a million times to finally understand it. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Of course you know that the food or drink you consume will go down your throat. You just never imagined it would look like this.

Anyone else feeling hungry just by seeing this? Damn, I wish we could ilegally download food. Hell, we’d even pay for downloadable food!

Admit it! This was weirdly satisfying to watch.

It looked just as terrifying as you’d expect from a spider named Gladiator.

This is also every engineer’s worst nightmare depicted in one gif.

This GIF is fun and educational at the same time.