Girl Attempts To Prove To The Internet That “White Girls Are Thick.”

Girl Attempts To Prove To The Internet That “White Girls Are Thick.” July 14, 2019

People come in all shapes and sizes. One size does not fit all despite what the fashion industry may claim. If you look at social media, you will see thousands of people proudly showing off their assets, confirming that there are bodies for every taste and preference. And with social media platforms, regular folks can create their own fan base of followers. One young woman who is enjoying the fame that comes with posting selfies of herself is Lindsay Capuano. The blond bombshell is also breaking down stereotypes about bodies.The blonde beauty has over 73,000 followers on Instagram. You can thank her risqué images she uploads for her growing popularity.

It’s her latest video that has many talking though. Capuano has shared a montage video showing off her ample derriere.

She was being ironic considering she proves that she is not lacking in the area of being voluptuous.

This isn’t bad for someone who has just under 4,000 Facebook, “friends.”

On her Facebook account, she shows a lighter side. Often sharing videos, memes, and GIF’s of funny and silly things she finds online.

They are posting a photo of themselves showing off that they too have curves. Proving that we all come in different size and shapes.

It’s ironic how it took a 19-year-old making a simple statement to get people talking. Many are thanking her for posting the video.

In the spring, she let her followers know she was 5’3 tall. She is also in a relationship with a guy named Matt.

She encourages her fans to join her on Snapchat, joking that if you are not following her on that platform as well you are, “lame.”

Although her first video on Instagram was of her singing one of Adele’s song. That’s no easy feat.

This was over a year ago and she only uploaded three videos to her account. She had a couple hundred views from it.

Last month she shared photos of her Maui trip. She disappointed fans by only sharing photos of the sun going down.

Most of the time Capuano is the person taking her own selfies. It is one thing to appreciate her beauty but some take it too far.

In fact, some are just plain disturbing and uncomfortable to read. What makes it more unsettling is that Capuano has her age on her bio.

Someone who is about to leave her teen years. She is not the first young woman to experience this though.

Some may argue she is putting herself out there. She should either cover up or accept the online trolling.

Chances are just by the mere fact that she is young and beautiful opens up a Pandora box.

She seems unfazed by it for now. Or perhaps she is so focused on growing her fan base she has no time for negative comments.

Many simply disable the comment section in Instagram. Her thick girls video certainly helped widen her online popularity.

In the meantime, people are just going to have to enjoy her photos that prove, yes, white girls can be voluptuous.