Lioness Kills Baboon And Finds Its Baby. What Happened Next Is Just Incredible!

Lioness Kills Baboon And Finds Its Baby. What Happened Next Is Just Incredible! April 5, 2016

Photographer [Evan Schiller](http://bigcatshots.com/) and his wife, [Lisa Holzwarth](http://laholzwarth.wordpress.com/) are passionate about saving the big cats and other animals of the world. They have traveled on safari trips to Africa three times over the last few years, taking photographs and writing about their adventures. On one of their game drives in northern Botswana’s Selinda area, they came across 30 to 40 baboons charging through the bush. The baboons were frightened by something and then two lionesses came out to rush the baboons into the trees. Soon two more lioness joined in.One baboon tried to run and got snatched by the jaws of a lioness, but there was a baby holding on to its dying mother.

The baby tried to escape from danger by running up a tree, but it didn’t have the strength to climb. The lioness saw the baboon and went to investigate.

The lioness started to play with the baby.

The lioness was curious, but gentle with the frightened baby.

The lioness picked the baby up in her mouth and walked away. Then she settled down with the baby between her paws.

The baby held onto the lioness and instinctively tried to suckle.

But that wasn’t even the most amazing part…

The lioness got distracted by two male lions who were making advances. She responded aggressively.

This gave the big male baboon, who was waiting in a tree, a chance to descend the tree and save the baby.

After some struggling, still holding the baby, he was finally able to flee to the safety and shade of a tree.