By Using Very Simple Disciplines These People Have Lived HAPPILY For More Than 100 Years.

By Using Very Simple Disciplines These People Have Lived HAPPILY For More Than 100 Years. February 23, 2017

What’s the secret to living a long and happy life? Many people are constantly trying to chase the dream of longevity, going to extreme measures to achieve a lifespan of 100 years or more. While staying healthy and active is a huge part part of living to a ripe old age, most of the time, there’s something more to it. Living past the average life expectancy isn’t just about keeping your body healthy – it’s about taking care of your mind, too. Below, 15 centenarians share their secrets to living a long, awesome life. **#9 feels like it would work – and is just an awesome way to live in general.**Age: 108 Her Secret: This Holocaust survivor claims that the key to long life is positivity. In fact, she had a twin sister who died at age 70. Alice says that part of the reason she died early because she was a”pessimistic, crabby person.”

Age (when deceased): 111 His Secret: Alexander once said that the reason he was able to live was because he never did the thing that causes adults the most stress: He never had children.

Age (when deceased): 114 Her Secret: Leila’s secret was all in the diet. After retiring at age 103, she lived 11 more years by cutting all refined sugars from her diet. She also only drank water, and ate a protein and two vegetables at every meal.

Age: 112 His Secret: He has none. However, he does get up early every day, and eats a healthy diet. We’re thinking that might have something to do with it.

Age: 110 Her Secret: Violet says she doesn’t feel like she’s 110, but she doesn’t really know why. Her diet includes everything except for pork and chicken, and she’s still incredibly active. One trick she has up her sleeve? She doesn’t drink alcohol.

Age: 115 Her Secret: Since 1910, Emma has eaten two or three raw eggs a day, which she believes has kept her strong. She also says that being single for most of her life has helped keep her feeling young.

Age: 115 Her Secret: Be kind to people, worship God, and eat pigs’ feet.

Age: 116 Her Secret: Working hard, loving everyone and trusting in God.

Age: 116 Her Secret: As the oldest Japanese person in history (and the fifth oldest person born in all of Asia), Okawa says that her secret is good sushi and a good night’s sleep.

Age: 116 His Secret: Eating red bean cakes and rice, in moderation, every single day.

Age (when deceased): 122 Her Secret: Jeanne was a beloved character in French media, and every year when she was asked about the secret to her longevity, she told a different story. Sometimes she said the secret was staying active, laughing a lot, or having a “stomach like an ostrich” Her best explanation? “God must have forgotten me.”

Age: 119 Her Secret: Staying busy, working really hard, and never thinking about how old you are.

Age (when deceased) 117: Her Secret: With 85 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren, 57 great-great-grandchildren, and four great-great-great-grandchildren, it’s surprising that Marie-Louise lived for as long as she did. However, she felt differently about it, saying that “hard work could never kill a person.”

Age: 116 Her Secret: No smoking, no drinking hard liquor, and staying calm and tranquil in all situations. This just might be the perfect recipe.