Woman Captures Exact Moment Seagull Stole Her $22 Lobster Roll.

Woman Captures Exact Moment Seagull Stole Her $22 Lobster Roll. June 13, 2021

Pets can’t communicate their intentions the way humans do, so don’t expect them to ask when they want something. They express themselves through actions. So, if they’re hungry and you have food in your hands, they’ll do one of two things. They’ll either walk up to you and plead with you with those cute little eyes of theirs or they’ll simply swoop in and take it. That’s the lesson one woman from Maine learned after her lobster roll got snatched away by a seagull. But she’s not the only one on this list who’s had food stolen from them by an animal.Alright, so maybe she was there for the scenery too. But she made one humongous mistake. She tried snapping a photo of the lobster roll with a lovely lighthouse in the background. She had no idea that someone was about to swoop in and take her lobster roll. She told Buzzfeed, “I wanted a lobster roll because that’s been a bucket list item of mine since I was a kid: to get a lobster roll in Maine. I was kind of like figuring out how to hold the lobster roll — Do I hold it long? Do I hide it wide? What angle should the lighthouse be in? — and then I just felt something move the lobster roll. I didn’t even see the seagull coming.”

The seagull probably thought, “Thanks lady!” Then it flew in and stole the delicious lobster roll she had been hoping to try for the very first time. Fortunately, she had enough money to buy herself another roll, and she didn’t share this time.

Thou shall not steal? Whoever said this rule applies to a hungry monkey? So, when hunger struck, this cheeky little monkey unzipped this unsuspecting guy’s bag and steals his sandwich. But did he run away? Nah! He sat a couple of feet away flaunting the fact that he was enjoying the dumb human’s lunch.

The giraffe walked right up to the car like it was a drive-thru window at McDs. Then it stuck its head through the sunroof, looked around and stole a bag of food before casually walking off like it had done nothing wrong.

After startling the other cats, the raccoon started mixing the cat food in the water like a bowl of cereal. Then it ran off for a second but came back to quickly grab some more cat food with its paws, and then the sneaky little rascal makes another run for it.

Cats will usually scratch a predator in the face if they try stealing their food, but this kitty simply looked up at its owner and whined at the injustice. Sadly, it didn’t understand why its human was just standing there giggling while that imposter went nom, nom, nom on the food.

Mice are like the ocean. You don’t want to turn your back on them, or they’ll jump up on your table and start nibbling on your plate of spaghetti like a bunch of hungry Italians. Oh well! You might as well grab a seat and watch them eat the meal you spent hours making.