23 Photos Of Cats That Prove They Have Their Own Logic.

23 Photos Of Cats That Prove They Have Their Own Logic. July 8, 2021

Their behavior is practically unpredictable. They do things that seem to defy all logic. And no one can deny that cats are supremely entertaining. But as they continue to baffle us, cat lovers are coming to terms with the fact that these felines are one of life’s furry little mysteries. And rather than try and decipher their body language and enigmatic behavior, it’s just easier to accept that there’s a reason for everything they do, no matter how strange it may seem to us. So, let’s just celebrate their wackiness with these images that are absurdness personified and will make you love cats even more.But their indoor water bowl doesn’t taste like bird, now, does it? “Well, it was either this or drinking out of the dog’s bowl. I can never win with you, human! What do you want from me?”

All cat owners can attest to the fact that If a box is placed in the vicinity of a cat, it will surely come to sit in it.

Maybe Mr. Kitty has recently been at a Cirque du Soleil show. Who knows what prompted him to park its furry butt on this car’s door handle? All we know is that its balancing skills are seriously jaw-dropping.

This photo proves that cats can adapt to any shape container because they are part liquid and part solid.

“Oh, HA-HA, Sheila. Alright! Take a few photos of my humiliating faux pas. That’s cute. You had your fun! Now could you please put the camera down and help me get down? I’d greatly appreciate it”.

We can almost hear it: “You’re kind, you’re smart, you don’t let the dog walk all over you. You have the voice of an angel. Now you go out there and give the BEST performance of your life”

They have a perfectly cozy cat bed somewhere around the house. It might be fluffy and perfectly fit to accommodate their needs. But noooo! Dirty briefs are a much cozier and admittedly warmer option.

Honestly, the pizza looked pretty awful from the get-go. Do we dare ask what flavor is this new pizza? Ugh! Well, at least they didn’t order spicy pizza, or this kitty would be sweating bullets after their owner snapped this pic.

See? Sometimes it pays off to think outside the kitty litter box! But maybe this cat wasn’t looking for a good old scratch. Maybe this is how their human hangs them out to dry?

It looks like its asking their human, “Who? Me? Why would you ever think I’d do something to this shiny and delightfully colorful tree? It was already like that when I found it.” In this kitty’s defense, cats are drawn to shiny things, and there’s nothing sparklier than a Christmas tree.

But nothing compares to sharing everyday life with these tiny little rascals. Big comfy bed? Giant sofa by the fireplace? Nope. I’ll just sleep on top of the fence, thank you. Who knows? Maybe it was just feeling “fency”.

All you wanted was to add a few accents to your living room by getting new curtains, but Mr. Kitty thought the room could use a new kitty swing. We guess you both had a different creative vision, huh?

“No! Cats are not allowed on the furniture. They’re not allowed to sit on the dining room chairs either. And they’re definitely not allowed to step foot on the countertops…Ohhhh! Never mind! You know what, Mr. Kitty? You own the whole house. You go wherever you please!”

But when it comes to cats, nothing tastes as good as whatever’s on your friend’s bowl. NOTHING!

If that were us, we’d chew our way out of that box as well if someone put us in a box! Sure, cats love cardboard boxes, but only if they’re able to come and go as they please.

They definitely have each other’s backs! And if this child’s little furry companion needs help getting somewhere, it can just hop on his back and turn him into his human taxi.

Well, it must be nice to have a companion who’s watching over you. But we’d be careful if we were this kitty’s owner. One slip and a thousand scratch death will ensue.

Maybe this cat’s got a foot fetish. Maybe it was too tired from waking up at 5 am to run around the house. Or maybe its owner’s feet are so smelly, it just passed out after smelling their shoes. Cats are pretty weird creatures, to say the least!

Not only did the cat manage to give himself a cone of shame, but somehow, he ended up looking like the Pixar lamp. Ugh! He’s so pretty, but dumb. No, scratch that. He’s just pretty dumb!

Kitty is going to sleep where kitty wants, whether it makes sense or not! In all seriousness, this cat is the poster child of what cat logic looks like!

You went out of your way to get them individual name tags, toys, and beds. Clearly, cats must be on a mission to do everything on their own terms. But we get it. That one bed with the stripey fabric comes with a furry heater!

Mr. Kitty ended up wrapping their owner’s neck and dozing off. It’s cool, though! It’s not like he needs to breathe or anything! Well, at least this kitty’s owner will die an adorably warm and fluffy death. And who wouldn’t want to go out like that?

They can keep trying to hide, but luckily, something always gives it up. Cats are usually known for being stealthy as heck, but hide and seek isn’t their forte. Clearly!