Can You Spot The Secret Messages Hiding In These 15 Iconic Logos?

Can You Spot The Secret Messages Hiding In These 15 Iconic Logos? April 10, 2020

Whether you’re looking at a magazine, picking up a latte, or scrolling through social media, you’re likely to run into a bunch of corporate logos. But you probably won’t pay too much attention to any of them. This might explain why some companies have managed to send you subliminal messages without you even realizing it. We’re serious! Take a look at the FedEx logo. You may not have realized it, but between the letters “E” and the “X” there’s an arrow. But it’s not there just for kicks. It’s there to symbolize the efficiency, speed and momentum of FedEx. But there are even more clever hidden ones out there…

Whether you love or hate coffee, everyone knows Starbucks, and it’s obviously so popular that the coffee chain can be found practically everywhere and in almost every country. So when you see the green logo, your brain automatically tells you that it’s time for some coffee. And that’s just the kind of outcome they wanted. The logo, which acts like a siren, is in fact, a 16th-century Norse twin-tailed mermaid, aka a siren, that represents coffee’s history and the Seattle seaports, which is where the first Starbucks was founded. Are you craving a latte now?

Wendy’s knows that the race to create the best fast food burgers can be grueling, but Wendy’s beats out other fast food places on social media as one of the best. But besides having an awesome Twitter account, they have a hidden message in their logo that’s so clever. While the logo contains what many believed to be founder Dave Thomas’ daughter, you’ll find that in Wendy’s collar, the word “mom” is written. This suggests that their meals are like Mom’s home-cooked recipes. Of course, how many moms make square burgers and squirt ketchup in tiny cups? But then again, who could resist a Frosty?

Now we move on the oh-so controversial, fast food chicken place, Chik-fil-A. Until the founder made a comment about same-sex marriage that had customers bailing on the restaurant, Chik-fil-A was famous for their cross-cut fries and delicious chicken sandwiches. But they seemingly bounced back from the controversy because of their delicious sandwiches. But if you look at their logo, you’ll notice a chicken trying to hide in the letter “C.” The Chik-fil-A founder had actually paid $50 for the creation of that logo, which oddly enough was conceived on the back of a napkin.

Apparently, everyone’s lovin’ McDs and their golden arches have become a beacon to billions of customers who have been served. In fact, the fast food restaurant has killed it in the fast food competition. Now we know that the “M” is for McDonald’s. But in the 1960s, a psychologist and designed consultant named Louis Cheskin stated that the arches are symbolism of a pair of nourishing mammary glands. Okay, so maybe Cheskin overthought that way too much. But just for the sake of it, what do you say we move on from this?

This should be rather obvious since the television network is referred to as “the Peacock Network.” But there’s a deeper meaning to this symbol than the use of a bird. You see, each division of NBC is represented in the colored feathers, at least the division from when the logo was originally designed. The peacock looks right, meaning we need to look forward. Oh, and now that we’ve mentioned forward, let’s dive right into some ice cream.

When it comes to dessert, a level of excitement and a lot of dramatization is to be expected, especially when you see then name Baskin Robbins, and what their logo actually represents. The company offers 31 flavors in their ice creams. But if you asked us, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, English toffee, vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and creams are the only flavor we need. But regardless, they placed the number “31” on the logo to remind you that you have options.

The logo used by the popular vehicle manufacturer is really all about hearts. That’s right. Those overlapping ovals you see on Toyotas “symbolize the unification of the hearts of our customers and the heart of Toyota products. The background space represents Toyota’s technological advancement and the boundless opportunities ahead.” But there’s more to it. Take a closer look at the overlapping ovals and you’ll see that spelled out right in front of you is the word “Toyota.”

It’s okay if you didn’t catch this hidden message. After all, you were too busy stuffing your mouths with these delicious chips. So you probably didn’t catch the artsy message in the logo. Now put down your chips for a second and take a look at the amazing fiesta that is happening in the Tostitos logos. The two “t’s” are having a blast over the “I” which acts like a bowl of dipping sauce. Anyone want a beer to go with these chips?

If anyone can take that sad day and make it better, it’s the Hershey’s company, who always wins us over with some delicious chocolate treats. But did you know that at any given time, you could enjoy a free Hershey’s Kiss? Take a closer look at the bag. If you look between the “K” and the “I” you’ll see an extra Kiss. Okay, so it’s only visual eye candy, but at least you won’t have to worry about calories!

We dare you to try to name other bike races in the world that are as popular as the Tour de France. We bet you can’t because it’s the world’s most famous bike race. Naturally, the logo represents the sport’s spirit between the letters “o,” “u,” and “R,” which come together with the yellow dot to create the image of a cyclist. Is that creative or what? Now the only thing that this cyclist needs is a helmet and maybe a drug test and he’s all set.

We all know how amazing chocolate is, and so is the logo in this popular candy. When we tell you what to look for, you’ll be stunned, and then you’ll crave some chocolate. Toblerone chocolates originated in Switzerland and if you look at the logo carefully, you’ll see Bern, the city where Toblerone was created, right in the name. You’ll see inside the mountain logo the silhouette of a bear. How creative!

Unless you’ve decided to live a technology-free life away from human civilization, then you’re probably familiar with Amazon and know how incredible it is. The company’s founder is one of the richest men in the world, and you can use your mouse to order pretty much everything under the rainbow. The sky’s the limit. This might explain why many of us are flat broke. But aside from that, the Amazon logo is pretty cool too. The smiling logo has an arrow that begins with the letter “a” and ends on the letter “z.”This is to show customers that Amazon has anything you’ll need from A to Z, so you really don’t have to go anywhere else, plus they offer free shipping.

Is your closet full of clothes and shoes that you either don’t fit into or you just don’t want anymore? If you do then you probably get fed up with them, grab a bag, and fill them with all those items. Then you place the bag in the trunk of your car until you happen to see a Goodwill or a Goodwill drop-off site. Donating can feel really good, which is what the Goodwill logo represents. It’s why the “G” in Goodwill is enlarged and shaped to form a smiling face, because giving to others should bring a smile to your face.

If you need instructions on how to create craft projects, find a bunch of recipes, or figure out what’s stylish or what makeup to use, then you’d probably go straight to Pinterest. It lets you save all kinds of things you’re interested in to review later too. So to keep the logo simple, the company turned the letter “P” into a pin. Now you’ll never be able to look at the Pinterest logo without basking at the creativity.