London Fire Victim Said ‘Thanks’ In A Heartbreaking Final Call To Mom.

London Fire Victim Said ‘Thanks’ In A Heartbreaking Final Call To Mom. June 17, 2019

Firefighters searched Grenfell Tower in London overnight and extinguished every last flame after the entire building virtually went up in catastrophic flames, killing at least 30 people in this 24-story building. Those who were unfortunately trapped in the buildings up above and unable to escape knew they were doomed. Some even had enough time to call their families to bid them a final and heartbreaking farewell before they met their eventual death at the hands of the flames. Sadly, this is the story of several people who were going about their regular evening at their apartment, and were forced to stare death right in the face.He assured them that everything was under control and that they shouldn’t be worried, his father Giannino told Italian newspaper II Mattino di Padova.

The couple had taken this photo with a friend and then Gloria uploaded the immortalized final image on Instagram.

Little did she realize that the caption and its thought would have taken a tragic and literal turn from her 23rd floor apartment a few months later.

Knowing that there was no hope, she called her mom and thanked her for everything she had done for her.

She also wrote “Thank you guys,” referring to the friends in the photo which was taken near a lake with her husband Marco Gottardi.

In this photo that reads “Congratulations Gloria,” we’re left wondering what amazing thing this beautiful woman might have accomplished to deserve such a tasty treat.

There are some people who remain missing after the fire broke out, like this adorable little boy named Isaac Shawo.

Omar Belkadi clings to hope that his wife Farah Hamdan and her six-month-old baby are alive and well, but the chances of that are slim to none.

It’s taken the lives of entire families like Nadia Choucair, her husband and three children, who are missing and presumed dead.

These three young sisters, Mierna, 13, Fatima, three, and Zaynab Choucair, ten, are all missing following the outbreak of the fire.

Rania Ibraham, 30, sent her friend Maseen the clip of the blaze after it had started and she continued to hear from her friends well into the late evening and early morning and then no more.

His wife Cordelia and three sons haven’t heard from him since 3 am that night, and have been searching hospitals all day in hopes of finding him.

The smoldering debris made search efforts difficult and diminished everyone’s hope that they’d find some of the people thought to be missing like Steve Power over here.

Even when Commander Stuart Cundy of the Metropolitan police said a full search of the building was taking place, he didn’t anticipate that there would be any survivors.

Her 21-year-old brother Yasin, who was also inside the tower block when the fire broke out is also missing.

The entire family lived there on the 21st floor of the tower, which is almost at the very top. So their chances of survival were slim.

He described her as being wonderful and generous ever since they met at a lecture in business studies at Kensington and Chelsea College 28 years ago.

According to Rohima Begun-Ali’s sister, the 31-year-old victim had recently moved to the area of West London in Birmingham, where she eventually met her untimely end.

She had three children called Maryam, 6, Hafizah, 5, and Muhammad, 3. Her loss will leave an empty space in the hearts of those she loved forever.

The Embassy of the Philippines in London have been frantically appealing to locals for information about 79-year-old Ligaya Moore, who lived in Grenfell Tower but hasn’t been heard of since the fire.

Authorities believe that Noura and Hasim Jemal were inside the 19th floor apartment building with their children, Firdaws, 12, Yahya, 13, and Yaqub, 6 when the block went up in smoke.

Stevan Racz has been searching for news on his uncle Dennis Murphy, who had called to say that he was trapped on the 14th floor and hasn’t been heard since. Stevan has been going to the centers, searching for information. He’s even posted info online, but still no word on the fate of his uncle.

The last time her parents got a phone call from Jessica was at 1:39 in the morning where she supposedly made the call from a fire escape.

Sadly , for the Haftom family, they no longer have to wait and wonder what’s happened as Briket Hafton and her son Buroke were eventually identified as those among the missing.

Emma Evans, a friend of Mariem claimed on Facebook that the woman was on the 19th floor and likely perished.

Friends claim that her body would be recognizable by the Africa pendant that she always wore around her neck, but as of yet, she remains missing.

Hamid Ali Jafari tweeted that if anyone had information on his father Ali Yawar, whom he was separated from on the 12th floor, to please contact him.

The fire, unfortunately ripped through the building and Saber’s wife Shakila, 45, and son Fardhad, 24 barely escaped the blaze. As for why Saber didn’t come with them, the family claims that he stayed behind because he was injured.

Like many Muslim families, Amayah Tuccu, 3 and the mother Amalahmedin were likely trapped inside the tower block. As to whether they survived, the family is still holding out hope.

So they tweeted and plead that anyone with news about their beloved staff member make every attempt to reach out to them with hopefully, good news.

Unfortunately, the two of them were on the 14th floor of the Grenfell Tower. As sadness continues to spread throughout the city, a wall of condolence has been put up with photographs and dozens of messages left for loved ones.

This advice was allegedly given to her by a firefighter, so Zainab remained on the 14th floor along with her son Jeremiah, who was 2.

One woman used social media to appeal for help in finding her brother, Hesham Rahman, who lived on the 20th floor and is among the missing.

Unable to leave, they had to hope for a rescue or prepare for a horrible end like Fathaya Alsanousi with her son Abu Feras, 38, and daughter Esra Ibrahim, 35, all of whom are still missing.

Sheila lived on the 16th floor of the block, but was sadly not among the 68 patients who were being treated in six hospitals, and as time passed, the hope of finding other survivors has continued to diminish.