Man Flew To Canada To Meet His Girlfriend For The First Time, Illustrates It All.

Man Flew To Canada To Meet His Girlfriend For The First Time, Illustrates It All. January 10, 2020

Imagine that you decide to travel to Toronto to meet your long-distance girlfriend for the very first time. Regardless of how it may turn out, it’s an amazing adventure. Not only do you get to travel to a different country, but you get to meet the woman you might end up having a long-term relationship with. That’s what happened to Simone Ferriero, an Italian-based digital artist who goes by the name “Simz.” After falling for a woman he’d never met, he decided to book a flight and meet her, and then he documented all of his experience in a comic illustration. So, here’s what Simz’s trip was like from December 16 to January 1.He booked a flight from Italy to Canada to go meet her for the first time. But he also decided to create a visual story about his experience, while he patiently waited at the Naples Airport in Italy for his flight.

When Simz was in his twenties, he went to the Academy of Fine Arts to perfect his technique. After graduating, he did a few jobs and started a couple of startup companies as a graphic designer, but then he became a full-time freelancer, which allowed him to do things like traveling to Canada for love.

We can almost feel the anticipation he must have felt as the plane flew through the clouds towards his ultimate destination, his one true love, at least he hoped so. Drawing also allowed him to pass the time on the long flight, which he undoubtedly shared on his Tumblr page too.

When you’re flying over the Alps, it’s only natural that you’d want to take a picture, but Simz was more interested in taking out his colored pencils and paper in order to draw the mountains he saw from his airplane window.

Simz had all the time in the world to wait at this major international airport, which was located in Germany’s fifth largest city. With plenty of time to on his hands, he continued drawing. In a way, we got to sense and feel as though we were traveling with him.

As he looked across the crowd of people at the terminal, he was looking for one person among hundreds, possibly thousands. And this is what he envisioned when he first laid eyes on the woman he loved from a distance.

We don’t know if she was taller than him or if it’s just how he drew her, but we can’t help but laugh at how adorable he envisioned himself as he had his first kiss with the love of his life. Hopefully, there will be no shortage of kisses and hugs.

Now that Simz and his girlfriend were physically together, it was time to overcome another hurtle. From the illustration, it seems as though getting out of the airport parking was a challenge within itself. But fortunately, they made it out.

After carrying his luggage, they were bound to relax, talk a bit, maybe eat, and then get to know each other in ways that you just can’t do through Skype or other forms of social media. Clearly, feelings between these two were stronger than distance.

There’s nothing like physical contact to make you feel even closer to someone you’ve been in love with from a distance.

While they were there they went on an adventure to see thousands of sea animals and take photos of the exotic marine life. It’s certainly not a bad place to go on a first date, and they seem to be enjoying it too.

In this illustration, we saw Simz accidentally spill some coffee, and we hope that the shock on his girlfriend’s face, wasn’t the result of the coffee spilling on her. Now just look at his clumsy face! It looks like he felt adorably silly.

The two still had enough time to drink coffee, but spent most of the time just staring into each other’s eyes. Best of all, you can tell that these two were thinking the exact same thing. They were both very much in love.

The two were freezing as they enjoyed a day out and about in Toronto. While his girlfriend could see her own breath because it was so cold, Simz was too busy trying to keep all of his remaining body heat from escaping.

We all have things that can be difficult for a partner to accept, especially when you’re just starting to really get to know each other. In this case, Simz was hit with a bout of insomnia, but it was too late for them to do anything.

Is Simz trying to impress his girlfriend with Michael Jackson’s moonwalk? We don´t know. Maybe he’s just showing off his cool new jacket, which he bought at the mall. But once thing is for sure, based on her smile, she’s totally impressed.

There’s nothing wrong with having a lady day as long as you’re enjoying it with the person that you love, which he did, even though he seemed a bit pensive. Meanwhile, she was busy taking selfies in bed, probably to share with him later.

It’s one of the largest museums in North America, and the largest in Canada. In here, Simz got the chance to feel like Chris Pratt from “Jurassic World” as he and his girlfriend stood in awe next to the bones of a T-Rex.

They also visited the Art Gallery of Ontario, which has more than 90,000 collections of artwork that date back to the first century. This might explain why these two are drooling like crazy in this illustration. They’re so mesmerized, they’re speechless.

It seems like Simz’s girlfriend got sick, with possibly a cold, but can you blame her? It’s so chilly in Canada during the winter! But at least this gave Simz the chance to look after her and proved how awesome he was.

The couple was so happy to take a train from Toronto to Oshawa together. It was a mini-Christmas trip. The two had a blast, despite Oshawa’s unwelcoming weather.

But given how cold it was, the shoreline by the lake was the last place they wanted to be, so they stayed in bed, ate, and checked their messages.

How else can you make your beloved girlfriend laugh if you have nothing to say? It’s easy. Do what Simz did and use your fingers to tickle her. Her uncontrollable laughter in this illustration proved that these two had a great time.

Now it was Simz who had gotten sick. But as a true testament of their love, his girlfriend was at his side, looking after him, talking to him, and making him feel better as he lay in bed struggling to get better before the vacation ended.

A ring is worth a thousand words and kisses. Simz didn’t specify whether this was an engagement ring, but he did title this image, “Promise ring.” To some, this would be like being engaged to be engaged, in a way!

The 553-meter-high observation tower is a concrete communications monument in downtown Toronto, which is a must on any tourist’s itinerary. Just look at Simz’s eager face as he tries to look at the very top.

Simz and his girlfriend hopped on the elevator that would take them all the way up to the CN Tower Restaurant, where they were in for a spectacular view, but first they had to overcome their ears popping from the pressure as the elevator went up.

The waiting staff looks so uninterested in this illustration, but the couple look quite happy. Then the bill came and they were in for the shock of their lives. Just look at their eye-popping reaction. It’s so hilarious! We sure hope that´s not the actually cost of the bill, though!

We can only imagine that Simz noticed how much she loved it and got it for her. But in this illustration, he seems to be looking away. Maybe because he was still recovering from the cost of the bill from the CN Tower Restaurant.

From maple Syrup and ginger ale to an assortment of pies, dishes, and sandwiches, Simz got the chance to experience everything for the first time, and undoubtedly, his girlfriend enjoyed the experience of watching him enjoy these dishes.

What happened after January 1st is up to our imagination since Simz hasn’t shared any more insights as of this post. But given how much in love he and his Canadian girlfriend seemed to be in these illustrations, it’s safe to say that distance will never keep them apart for too long.