Look How President Obama’s Daughters Have Changed In The Last 8 Years.

Look How President Obama’s Daughters Have Changed In The Last 8 Years. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

As we come to the end of Barack Obama’s time in the White House, we’re left to reflect on what the last eight years have meant for America. He was elected as the first black president of the United States, a historical move that put a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Obama had his ups and downs in office, but he can leave saying that while things weren’t perfect, he definitely changed certain aspects of American life for the better — and it’s exciting to think about what he might involve himself in for years to come. But there were other Obamas in the White House the whole time, growing and changing just as fast as he did. Of course, we always ride for Michelle (she just might be the most charming First Lady ever), but we’re talking about the Obama daughters, Sasha and Malia. We’ve seen them grow up during the last eight years, going from adorable kids to the poised young women they are today. See how they’ve grown, changed, and transformed in the photos below.This photo was taken before he even decided to run for president. Look how cute this future first family is.

There, they loved dancing, gymnastics, piano, and tennis lessons. That’s where they got their puppy, Bo.

Little did they know that they would eventually be headed for the most famous house in the world.

Malia Ann Obama was 12 when Barack became president in 2009. Sasha, was only nine years old.

At times, being in front of the cameras was certainly difficult — not to mention the constant presence of social service.

Here they are in 2005, when their father’s candidacy was just a whisper of a rumor.

Then, they were officially the first African-American first family in the White House.

And more and more, they were beginning to resemble their parents.

And young Sasha was almost a spitting image of her dad.

The girls were growing up, slowly but surely, right in the public eye.

When possibly, they all showed up together at important events.

This was a move by Barack and Michelle to ensure that they could maintain some sense of normalcy throughout their time as the first children.

These young women are about as poised and elegant as you can get.

The Obama family are intelligent, warm, and kind by all accounts — and they’re also just very good-looking people.

They’ve grown up into young women, poised to achieve their dreams.

Would she go to college in Washington, or would she venture further afield to start her own life?

Malia will take a gap year and do some working and traveling, while Sasha still has to finish high school.

This young woman doesn’t get the same press attention as her soon-to-be-independent sister, but something tells us she’s going to do great things.

Grown, well-educated, and beautiful, this young Obama is ready to take over the world. Maybe she’ll even follow in her father’s footsteps some day?

They are part of an important legacy, and a symbol of social progress that America won’t ever forget.

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