Look Inside The World’s Most Magical Tree House… You’ll Want To Stay Forever.

Look Inside The World’s Most Magical Tree House… You’ll Want To Stay Forever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’re looking for a magical place to stay in, then you definitely have to check out this Woodman’s Treehouse in south west England. It’s like the ultimate dream hideaway that will allow you and your family to build memories you can cherish. It’s the perfect place to recuperate physically, mentally and spiritually, which is exactly what the Green Woodworkers, family, friends and tradesmen wanted when they created it. It took over 5 months to create this gem and they were careful to ensure that it was hospitable for guests but that it wouldn’t stress the trees surrounding it or the local wildlife. In the end they produced the perfect balance that you simply have to try.Then you definitely have to stay at The Woodman’s Treehouse. It’s got a great combination of sustainable craftsmanship and glamorous interiors to meet your needs. It’s like Mother Nature’s Hilton.

You get to chill in your very own sauna and hot tub on the upper deck and even bathe in the open air-tree shower, and no, the water is not cold.

You can lay on a hammock on the deck for an afternoon nap or you can slide on down and check out the surrounding scenery literally, because it actually comes with a stainless steel slide. If you come in the fall or winter, you can sit around the revolving woodburner and relax.

The revolving wood burner can point towards the kitchen, the sofa and the bed.

There’s a ceiling window above the bed that lets you look up at the oak canopy above. But you also get to enjoy the view down below through a window on the floor.

There’s proper plumbing, so you won’t have to make a hole outside in the mud to poop or pee. There’s also a lobby in the entrance where you can hang your coats and muddy shoes.

The Woodman’s Treehouse also comes with a wood fired pizza oven so you can experience a woodsy outdoors camping trip without actually being outside.

The hand-crafted environment inside is perfect for couples on their honeymoon, for friends who want to bond, or even for families with kids of all ages, especially all of you Tarzan fans.

Check out this wonderful creation here.

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