Look What Happened When A Skunk Family Met A Cyclist.

Look What Happened When A Skunk Family Met A Cyclist. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Skunks may not be the biggest animal around but most people and other animals know better than to get close to one. Skunks spray a liquid when they feel threatened or in danger. This smell is so strong and foul that it can easily make a large bear run the opposite direction. The spray can cause temporary blindness, irritation, not to mention a stench almost impossible to wash off. It is well documented that foxes, bears, wolves, and larger predators avoid skunks for fear of the smelly consequences. Humans are no different. The moment one gets a sniff of a skunk being nearby, the person smartly moves away from the area the small mammal might be at. One biker wasn’t looking for skunks when not one but five decided to get close to him. The human quickly got his camera ready to document the friendly encounter all while remaining perfectly still. Any sudden move may have had a very different result.

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