6 Year-Old Boy With A Mystery Illness Is Worshipped As A Hindu God.

6 Year-Old Boy With A Mystery Illness Is Worshipped As A Hindu God. December 10, 2018

In the Hindu religion, there are 330 million gods and goddesses representing forces of nature or a moral value. Ganesha is one of the most recognized and worshipped Hindu pantheon among the over one billion worshippers. Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is a human form with the head of an elephant and four arms. This deity is considered the Lord of Good Fortune, Lord of Beginnings, and Lord of Obstacles who has the power to remove as well as place hurdles and barriers in the spiritual as well as the material world. He is also known to provide fortune, success, and prosperity. Hindus honour Ganesha by worshiping him at the beginning of any religious activity. Hindus also believe their deities can appear in the form of a human being or animal to be worshipped and provide help to humans.He was born with an oversized head, wide-set narrow eyes, and short legs. He is also unable to walk properly.

Consequently, villagers stop to worship the boy who they believe is a reincarnation of Ganesha.

They believe he was born like this due to the pollution in the city.

“My teachers also worship me at the school,” says the boy. “My friends don’t bully me at all, as they believe I am Lord Ganesha.”

He offers blessings to his followers.

“I want to be like this only. It makes me happy,” says Pranshu.

Many villagers believe their lives have changed after they were blessed.

When the boy goes to school he is welcomed with flowers.

People walking by Pranshu will bow their heads in respect while holding their hands in prayer.

Pranshu and his family believe he has brought them good luck as well.