Lost Dog Reunited With Owner After 2 Long Years Away.

Lost Dog Reunited With Owner After 2 Long Years Away. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When an animal is adopted, it is to be understood that that adoption is lifelong commitment. You’ve made a promise to them to be there for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, though, something happens to where that isn’t a possibility anymore. People lose their pet-friendly homes, they lose the job that was paying for food and the vet bills, and sometimes the owner unfortunately passes away. Ariel Naveira knew the heartbreaking loss that occurs when you no longer have your beloved animal companion by your side anymore. But unlike a lot of those stories, this one certainly has a happy ending that is sure to bring a smile to your face.After being dropped off at Arca Animal in Argentina, Pakita looked for a new home for two long years. Unfortunately, people kept passing Pakita for other younger, happier dogs.

She was usually withdrawn, but one day the animal shelter was able to get a picture of her. They immediately received a message saying that someone knew who Pakita belonged to!

Ariel Naveira made his way to the animal shelter to see Pakita after his mom saw her picture. At first she wouldn’t go near Ariel, but once she smelled Ariel, everyone knew he was her owner!

It only took a few seconds for Pakita to know that she belonged to Ariel. She obviously overwhelmed with excitement at their reunion.

But that all changed when his mom saw her picture and told him about it! Now, they’re back together, and more than happy to be a family again.

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